2 Great news for the Nets!

Back on the court Saturday night, the Nets received two pieces of good news in their top-flight matchup with the Bucks. One of them involves Kevin Durant, who is not far from his return. Brooklyn’s real season may finally begin.

After a well-deserved break, NBA players are back on the court. The Lakers aren’t changing their ways with another loss, and the Nets are looking to restore positive momentum.Do not Kevin Durantunfortunately, neither did Ben Simmons, and the two still need time to get back on the court.

But in a few hours, Steve Nash’s men will have a rather important meeting in the East, more specifically the Bucks. A meeting that could have been shocking, but too many people were absent. However, the Nets haven’t lost anything, not yet anyway.

The first reinforcement of the Nets!

While we expect a return in the coming weeks, Brooklyn will be able to count on one more player in this game: Goran Dragic. The leader is ready to make his debut with his new squad, which could be a good asset to come off the bench. Still, the Slovenian may be a little rusty at first after not playing for a long time.

The Nets explained that Goran Dragic will make his debut for Brooklyn tonight against Milwaukee.

The Nets welcome the news and they will do their best to make this a success. After all, this roster needs to win with the playoffs in mind, whether or not the star is on the floor. Another thing to keep in mind, according to Nash, is that Durant should be back next week if he continues to do so. His return is closer than ever, even if medics have to agree.

Dragic will be there, he’s happy with his teammates. His contributions will be valuable for the future:

Goran Dragic is ready to play, but he will face backlash against the Bucks this Saturday night. Giannis Antetokounmpo will want to secure victory: we want a little suspense between the two teams.

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