2023 World Cup Qualification – Who Can Still Qualify, And How? We are evaluating!


We refer to a quick point, after the African Rugby Cup Which we’ve already questioned here. Eight countries are still racing to win the only continental ticket. They will face each other within a year, at the same yet-to-be-determined venue, of the quarter-finals. These quarters, ½ and the final will be played in a dry match.

The winner of the final will go to the 2023 World Cup, and the loser will have one last chance at the replay tournament. Here are the stickers:

  • Namibia – Burkina Faso
  • Zimbabwe – Ivory Coast
  • Senegal – Algeria
  • Uganda – Kenya

Who will join South Africa?


Third in their group in 2019, Fiji already qualified, as do Australia and New Zealand. But since this summer, a fourth country has beaten its ticket to France: Samoa. Ahsee Tuala’s teammates won the qualifier against Tonga. The first leg (42-13) like the second leg (37-15) was well negotiated.

Video.  world Cup.  Samoa qualifies for France 2023 at the expense of TongaVideo. world Cup. Samoa qualifies for France 2023 at the expense of TongaAs Oceania 1, Samoa will play in D pool with England, Japan and Argentina.

For Tonga, nothing is lost, but the road will be long. On Saturday they compete in the final continental playoff against the Cook Islands. Originally, Tonga had to face the Oceania Cup winner. But COVID obliges, the top team in the rugby world rankings qualified directly, the Cook Islands (53) ahead of Papua New Guinea (83) or Niue (98).

The winner of this continental dam between Tonga and Cook Islands will face the winner of the 2021 Asian Championship (Hong Kong, Malaysia or South Korea). Victory, qualifying for the World Cup. Defeat, a tournament in replay.


Japan, who reached the quarter-finals in 2019, qualified automatically, so you don’t need to run into these qualifiers. In Asia it is very difficult to qualify for the World Cup, and Rugby World has done nothing to the contrary.

Only the winner of the 2021 Asian Championship will have the chance to go to France. Initially, the tournament was scheduled for May: it will finally be for November, when only three teams compete:

  • Hong Kong
  • South Korea
  • Malaysia

Hong Kong seems to be the favourite. These countries will only face each other once, but the winner will not (immediately) go to the World Cup. He will play a Final Playoff against the winner from Tonga – Cook Islands. In case of defeat, one last chance will be given during the supplement cycle.


As for Oceania or Africa, this summer will be a determining factor in qualifying. First, South America is separate from North America. Chile, Uruguay and Brazil are currently playing a tournament, the last of which will be permanently eliminated from the race. There is only one match left between Uruguay and Brazil on Sunday.

  1. Chile (5 points, 2 matches)
  2. Uruguay (4 points, 1 game)
  3. Brazil (0 points, 1 game)

Be careful, remember: the first group will be considered South America 1. The second group will be considered as South America 2.

Canada and the United States will face each other in the first leg match in September. The winner will be considered from North America 1. The loser will be considered as North America 2.

the coming? In October 2021, South America 1 (US?) and North America 1 (Uruguay?) will face each other in a two-legged match: The winner will qualify for the World Cup, and be transferred to the France group.

At the same time, South America 2 (Chile?) and North America 2 (Canada?) will face each other at home and abroad. The loser will be permanently eliminated from the World Cup race. The winner will face the losing South/North American 1 for the last card from the American continent and a place in Group D in the world.. If the hierarchy is respected, in this last match Canada will face the United States or Uruguay. The loser will get another chance in the replay tournament.


Unlike the 2019 qualifiers, Georgia have yet to qualify for the somewhat disappointing Japanese World Cup. However, Lilos should not miss the World Cup finals in France. Reminder, The top two places in the joint standings for the European Rugby Championship 2021 and 2022 will qualify for the World Cup. So far, here’s the order:

  1. Georgia (24 points, 5 matches)
  2. Portugal (14 points, 5 matches)
  3. Romania (9 points, 4 matches)
  4. Russia (4 points, 3 matches)
  5. Spain (2 points, 3 matches)
  6. Netherlands (0 points, 2 matches)

The Covid virus has disturbed the schedule and four matches (this fall) still have to be played to update it before the start of the 2022 edition. But if Portugal continues its way, it could be one of the surprises … and the standings will be the last participant in the replay tournament, which did not smile in Germany before two years.

Tournament Draft

It’s fictional, but let’s imagine ourselves a little, by making some predictions. According to World Rugby, the replay is scheduled for November 2022. With which countries?

In Europe, if the standings remain the same, and without taking into account the late matches, Romania will be in the game. The American candidate could be Canada, which was defeated by Uruguay or the United States. In 2019, it was the Canucks who won this tournament. In terms of the Pacific candidate, Hong Kong seems credible, unless it’s an anti-Tonga exploit. Finally, in Africa, since Namibia is so hard to find, why not believe in Senegal or Algeria instead of Kenya?

The winner of this tournament will get the last ticket to the World Cup in France.

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