5 things to know about the Handball World Cup

A year after being knocked out in the first round of Europe, the French handball team is back on the field. Not only that: the World Championships are taking place in Egypt from January 13th to 31st. Hot events, new formats and key dates: Here are 5 things to know ahead of this World Cup.

The 27th Handball World Championships will be held in Egypt. This is the second time that the Land of the Pharaohs has hosted the competition. In the first match in 1999, Sweden beat Russia. France dropped out in the quarter-finals. From January 13th to 31st, 4 Egyptian cities will host the competition, with halls ranging from 5,000 to 17,000 seats. The bottom line: the room will be filled to 30% capacity, which is something to be aware of at these times. The presence of spectators will also be censored, as this is the first time in early 2021 marked by Covid-19. To this end, the President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bachshould appear during the competition, a few months before the Tokyo Olympics.

The 27th edition will be the first to have 32 teams, up from 24 previously. Additions lead to changes in the format, which is not necessarily an easy task when you understand the intricacies of the game of handball. So, to sum it up: 32 teams were divided into 8 groups in 4 countries in the preliminary round, which is anecdotal or almost anecdotal, as the top three in each group qualify for the rest of the competition. Then comes the main round, with 4 groups of 6 teams. The top two advance to the final table, which is more classic: quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals. Little Paradox: An increase in the number of teams leads to a decrease in the number of games to increase rest periods. You go, you know everything.

Holders of the title, the Danes are clearly the favourites for their own successors.But as explained, behind them, the list of suitors is long Jerome Fernandezthe top scorer in the history of the Blues:”The Spaniard is a two-time European champion and the Norwegian is a two-time deputy world champion. We can also have high hopes for the Croats, who are back at a very high level, just like Sweden. We can’t forget Germany, because even without a few executives, the Germans were able to pull away from incredible players. . This already brings the number of favorites to 6, it’s hard not to add France, which is still dangerous even with injuries: “And you have to be wary of Egypt, who play at home and have progressed well in recent years,” Slip on Fernandez. Place a bet!

The 2019 bronze medalist, but eliminated in the first round of the Euros a year ago, the Blues are looking to renew their contract.Taken at Guillaume Giles, who was named coach after the January 2020 fiasco, the Frenchman wants to find colour.For this, they will have to compose without the master playing Nikola Karabaticinjured, but neither Matthew Graybier or Cedric Solando,Not Retained.experienced michael pug will be in charge of guiding his people, the captain’s armband on his arm, for one of his last three-color campaigns, like Luke AbarroThe Blues’ first goal: to get out of their affordable group, Austria and Switzerland were invited at the last minute, but they will meet the strong Norwegian there.

Thursday 14 January 8.30pm: Norway – France
Saturday 16 January 6pm: Austria – France
Monday 18 January 6:00pm: France-Switzerland (replaces USA, withdrew on eve of match due to Covid-19)
January 20-24: Main round (3 matches)
Quarterfinals: January 27
Semifinals: January 29
Finals: January 31st

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