5 things to know about the new Blues coach Bernardinho

If the Blues had just won an Olympic title after a memorable tournament and they needed a shock to not fall asleep with their laurels, they found it. With Bernardinho, they will have to live up to their new reputation, as they will now be coached by a legend of the sport. Here’s everything you need to know about the new French team guide:

brazil star

For many, Bernardo Rocha Dreyzende is the best coach in the world. In four Olympic Games, the man known to everyone by the nickname “Bernardinho” has made it to the final four times at Athens 2004 and Rio 2016. Forgive a little. As for the World Championships, the order is self-explanatory: gold medals in 2002, 2006 and 2010, in addition to having to add 8 titles in the World League between 2001 and 2010. 1984. In short, on paper, he’s a well-deserved successor to Laurent Tillie, the blues leader of the Tokyo Olympics.

“He has a culture of winning, a special requirement, and then this culture of Brazilian volleyball. For France, it’s just a bonus”, Hubert Henno, a former tricolor international player and adviser to French TV during the Olympics, agreed.

The 62-year-old Brazilian eclipsed some of the biggest names in world volleyball in the prize game. His 20 years in the Auriverde trials have largely contributed to the development of the sport, which has remained popular in the country. Volleyball crowds reached record levels and brought crowds to the biggest stadiums.

“He’s the best coach in the world”

Hubert Heino

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In addition to his undeniable athletic brand, Bernardo’s involvement in charities says a lot about the man. An NGO named after him was thus involved in the development of the ghetto discipline.

His Challenge: Gold Medal at Paris 2024

Flamengo women’s coach Bernardinho won the Brazil men’s qualifiers at the 2016 Rio Mara Canazinho to an audience of 10,000. His task now is clear: to win the Olympic title at home in Paris in 2024 and achieve a historic double.a featOnly the Soviet Union (Tokyo in 1964, Mexico in 1968) and the United States (Los Angeles in 1984, Seoul in 1988) achieved this goal.

“It’s a poisoned gift to take over the French team, the defending Olympic champion. But who is best equipped to do that if not the coach of the last Olympic champion? ?“, recognize Hubert Heino.

If he has already coached in Italy, this is the first time Bernardinho has coached a foreign national team. In Brazil in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, he already had a taste of the home championship. His new goal as coach is to repeat the feat in another country. The stranger was his final challenge.

“He’s not afraid to question his skills. He chose the French challenge, he could have traveled all over Poland, coached American universities, etc. Everyone wanted him. It’s such a blessing to have him in the National Federation.”the Tours’ Brazil coach Marcelo Fronckowiack explained that he brushed past him in Rio de Janeiro. because the hardest “Just stay there”.

Brazilian method

Bernardinho’s style is very different from Laurent Tillie’s. The two know each other and respect each other. “He brings his experience, his knowledge of the game, his Brazilian culture. There will be time to adapt, but it will be a very explosive game and he brings a different style of work”, underscore HUbert Heino.

The Brazilian volleyball school has a lot of rhythm, a lot of balls. The novelty effect attracts the tricolor, boosting training in Europe and the world in 2022.He will be able to count on ten of them twelve Tokyo Olympic champions, including Erwin Napeshe has known him well since the attacker-recipient des Bleus is a good friend of his son, Bruninhopasser Celeso.

“We’re doing the hardest part, which is to re-energize ourselves and get back to winning titles. We’re all afraid of that, afraid of getting there because this is Bernardinho and saying to ourselves: Do we want to start all over again?”, confide Erwin Napes in the page A generation‘team.

The enthusiasm and experience of the Brazilians re-energized the troops. Favorite image, he spoke for many years in Brazil. It was the Blues’ turn to tame it from the European Championships.

“France and Brazil have a lot of similarities. They are not the biggest, tallest team, but they have a lot of skill”, Marcelo Fronckowiack, who coaches Bernardinho’s son, added.

Financing and managing loans

Bernardinho is a great tactician and he also knows how to shape himself well. from Of the staff that accompanied him at his previous club, he kept only a statistician, a physiotherapist and a French doctor. A good compromise to promote team integration, not yet familiar with language and culture.

He himself has been learning French at an astonishing rate since April. “Within two months, they will be able to express themselves fluently in French”, Marcelo Fronckowiack laughed. The Brazilian wants to give his first speech to his players in French. His attention to detail is particularly evident in his economics research.

“He has the science of the game and advanced management tools. He’s obsessed with results, but in a good way. He has very advanced maths and economics, and he understands the mechanics of volleyball.”

Marcelo Francovic

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Destined for a career in finance, Bernardinho became a coach almost by accident when Dulce Thompson, a player of his generation, called him and asked him to rebuild the team. to the difficulty. Although he already had one foot in the bank, he decided to try the experiment. A success that will never be denied, which will propel him to the head of the Brazilian women’s team soon.

Before coaching France, Bernardinho was a very tough opponent

Bernardinho loves France’s attacking style and he dreams of taking his claws there. But the Blues and Brazil in volleyball is first and foremost a dangerous love story. The result was tense in every meeting between the two teams. In the 2014 World Cup, France lost 3-2 to Brazil in the semi-finals, after a tough battle, The most dangerous game of his career”.

vice versa. The Brazilian is on his way in the two World Leagues the French have won. In 2017, the Blues swept away their opponents in Brazil, promoting an insult to the team. But that’s in another life. The opponent has become a partner and he is ready to bring all his experience to these explosive young Tricolores.

He’s a very down-to-earth guy who knows how to make his team win. He was so enthusiastic during the game that he could even roar. In everyday life, not at all. He’s a super nice guy, reads a lot, is interested in culture and speaks a lot of languages. “

Marcelo Francovic

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The first Test with the Blues took place on Friday night, the first game of Euro 2021 against Slovakia. A successful baptism and ended in victory (3-0). Enough to erase fourth place at Euro 2019, traumatised at home. For Marcelo Francovic, “His challenge is the Paris Olympics in 2024. But before that, we can be sure that he will want to lead France to the highest level in all competitions and take on new favourites.

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