62-57, decent Dep 3 for this score

While the NBA has broken many scoring records in recent years, the league hasn’t always seen such offensive bursts. On the contrary, on its debut, the score was much lower, even setting a record on February 27, 1955. Flashback.

That day, Boston and Milwaukee met on the Providence side (Rhode Island). If neither team was one of the best teams in the league in 1954-55, there are still some big names on the field.On the Celtics side, there are several future Hall of Famers, including Bob Cousy, Bill Sharman and Ed Macaulay. On the Hawks side, because yes, the Falcons were in Milwaukee at the time, we obviously had Bob Pettit – he was just a rookie at the time, but already doing a lot of damage – and players like this Alex Hunnam (future Hall of Fame coach) and so-and-so Chuck Cooper, the first African-American player to be drafted in the NBA (by the Celtics). So beautiful people, except the show isn’t really there. The two teams did add up to only 119 points in this game, and the Celtics finally won 62-57 In games where no player reaches 20 units (the best scorer is called Chuck Share with 19 points). For the record alone, 119 points is below the Bucks’ average (120.1) in 2020-21. Proving that the NBA has grown since then, driven by 3-point shooting and a fast pace in recent years, the NBA has become more of an offensive league than ever. Of course, in the mid-1950s, the three-point line didn’t exist, and it was sometimes two to an hour long.

The game between Boston and Milwaukee remains the most prolific 24-second era in NBA history. This last detail is important because before the introduction of the 24-point system on April 22, 1954, the total score in many games was lower than the 119 points on February 27, 1955. The most famous is obviously the Fort Wayne Pistons. On November 22, 1950, the Minneapolis Lakers ended with a record score… 19-18, the Pistons won. 24-second clock helps increase ball possession in the game, to speed up the game and thus make the game more interesting in the eyes of the fans. An important step in the positive development of the NBA. Because in the early 1950s, the league struggled to gain popularity as these games struggled and ended low. Once in place, 24 clocks fundamentally change the behavior of players who immediately feel more pressure to shoot, even if it means sprinting…

Logically, the score would eventually climb, but some games, such as the February 27, 1955 game between Boston and Milwaukee, remain in history due to their low score. Two years later, the Celtics and Hawks will meet again, this time in the NBA Finals, especially when both teams are over 100 points.

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