64. Flying Volleyball

Volleyball has never had so many licensees in a ’64 season. “Between 1700 and 1800, an increase of 25%, revealed the new chairman of the departmental committee, Sophie Germain (read more). The French Olympic champions last summer probably had a lot to do with it. We were able to close our rooms due to Covid-19 The fact that he continued to practice beach volleyball while still playing a part also played a role,” she believes. The push is sometimes astonishing, for example in Bayonne, where the club created 3 seasons ago now has 180 members!

Works a lot with the school

The Committee64 was also the driving force behind the development of its movement. It has signed an agreement with the National Ministry of Education for more than three years and has “opened 60 classes this year in Pau and East of Pau” to provide volleyball discovery, the basics of training teachers or extracurricular staff. “The idea is also to create a link between the club and the school. We commissioned the school to provide the equipment – nets and balls – so that they can always offer the activity. Next year we will develop on the Orthez and Oloron side and then on the Basilica side. development on the coast of Skåne,” explains Sophie Germain.

Pathway to the top

University is no exception. The committee intervened in Jurançon, Bois d’Amour in Billere, Jeanne d’Albret in Pau and Arthez de Béarn. But the only real physical education classes today are at Leska, Smin Paley College and Jacques Mono High School. This sports section will receive the Excellence Label (for secondary schools only) in September, which includes optionality. Because Lescar Club – the structure associated with this sports sector – claims to be a high-level department. Three years ago, the UNSS Physical Education class at Smin Paley College was on the podium at the UNSS European Championships. In Nations 2 today, the first team of the LPVB club is the highest ranked in the division. Lescar has established himself as a stronghold in men’s volleyball among boys. Among the girls, MJC des Fleurs de Pau played the role of a locomotive, but below a division (N3).

4 young players going polar

Béarn currently has some “nuggets” in the boys. Young people between the ages of 14 and 18 headed straight to the Hope Center, and even the training center. Four young graduates of Lescar and Luy’s “open” license. Lucas Germain was called to the Pole of Talent on Halloween. His teammate at Lescar Simin Castaings, Liberty, is aiming for the training center like him. A young Mateo Rozan could fit into Tarrens’ pole next summer. As for Mathys Lapierre (14 at 1m90), who attended France’s under-16 training session last fall, he’s heading in the same direction.

“We don’t have the same phenomenon in girls at the moment. But for them it’s more complicated, testing is done very early, around age 13/14, girls are almost at adult height…and they have more elite access. Less,” Sophie Germain regretted.

“Playing Billiards”

All 12 of the 64 clubs are good enough for different levels of practice…and not much. Whether with the support of the committee or between them, the clubs have agreed to create “practice pools” for about a decade. Therefore, the clubs of Lescar, Luy, Jurançon, Fleurs de Pau and Lons concentrate certain training sessions in different categories that would otherwise have difficulty gathering enough players. “Therefore, the Béarnaise and Mesplède alliance created ‘Middle Earth’ to avoid isolation, with the aim of promoting such areas of practice on the Basque coast, as well as in the east, to see if we could create a dynamic 65-man club between Germany and Germany (Ibos, Odos) “Go on President. “It also makes it possible to share rooms and trainers”.

“Volleyball Between Friends” Expands

Another work of the committee is the development of “recreational volleyball”, which received a good response last year by hosting a small competition called “volleyball between friends” when the weather was fine. “There are also recreational tournaments, which are attracting more and more people. They’re mixed, and the games are played on nights of the week… With the coronavirus pandemic, we realized that sports make us feel less bad, the kind of recreational sports. Trends are developing,” analyzes Sophie Germain.

“Healthy Volleyball” or Healthy Volleyball

Another trend that volley 64 promises: the development of an “adaptive” exercise for people who stay away from exercise: the elderly, recovering from illness, overweight. “Healthy Sport”, similar to a gym but with volleyball accessories, provided by apprentices of BP Jeps d’comitén trained in Health Sport.

Create BP Jeps “Volleyball” in SPS

Sports school SPS, which trains educators, is working with the departmental council to launch the professional BPJeps volleyball and sports certificate, with interventions by its technical advisor, Lionel Nolibos. The committee is looking for candidates (-25 years old, students who can participate in Staps, such as volleyball players or not) and will fund 4 training courses (paid) to strengthen its team of speakers related to students or health volleyball, esp.

Sophie Germain, new chair of the departmental committee 64

Last September, with the opening of the new Olympic Games, the provincial volleyball committee changed hands. Pierre Sarramaigna wants to take a step back and is replaced by Lons club president Sophie Germain, full of enthusiasm and ideas, especially when it comes to building connections and happiness On the one hand, this is thanks to volleyball “even in nursing homes, through a combination of soft gym and volleyball practice… Sophie Germain, Lons Region 2 volleyball player (previously in R1 and ex-basketball player), is young The mother of volleyball players including Lucas Germain, 17, 2m07, who has joined Talence’s Hope Bar this season and wears the colours of Lescar in National 2. His other game is to develop youth championships for kids Opportunity to compete regularly.
On the committee, Sophie Germain is surrounded by two experienced Vice-Presidents: Gérard Nolibos (Lescar) and Patrice Maubecq (Union Béarnaise), Nadège Castaings (Lescar Club Secretary General and President), Valérie Queulain. Representatives of other clubs are members of the management committee.
The Pyrénées-Atlantiques departmental volleyball committee has a staff member, technical advisor Lionel Nolibos, two BPJeps train apprentices and call for occasional contributions, especially in collaboration with schools.

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