674 million this season, the design can’t keep up

If the Warriors are in a tough spot right now and Stephen Curry appears to be out of the MVP race, the best 3-point shooter in history is clearly still one of the NBA’s main faces. Proof of the latest infographic just released.

In a 2022 world where everything is analyzed and dissected, there are obviously many ways to measure popularity and existing interest around players.Shirt sales are one of the main indicators, social media followers is another, but there are also Number of views generated on different platforms Here you can find official NBA videos (Twitter, Facebook, Insta, YouTube, TikTok, TokTik, Myspace…). Exactly, let’s take a look.this is alex kennedy Basketball News Network There’s no denying who posted the numbers on his Twitter account.

Stephen Curry dominated the game, not just a little bit. In the 2021-22 season, the Warriors sniper has been viewed no less than 674 million times, well ahead of second-placed LeBron James. Kings may have blasted Steph on vote count last All-Star Game, but Curry got his revenge as LBJ’s total viewership is “only” 402 million, and he probably didn’t help any Orange fans at Lakers’ current level s eyes. So there’s a huge gap between the two, and that’s even more apparent when you consider that the third — Ja Morant — isn’t really that far from LeBron. Those numbers are yet another example of Steph grabbing attention with the crazy stuff he does night after night, even if it’s more complicated for him and the Warriors at the moment. He started the season with such a good performance and record that he had to give it his all for the first few weeks of the 2021-22 season, and no one has been able to match him since.

Unsurprisingly, LeBron remains one of the most-watched players in the NBA, while Ja Morant is third, again illustrating the extraordinary rise of the Memphis phenomenon. A bit like Stephen, Jia has this ability to catch everyone’s attention because almost every night, he does something unusual. His post on Jakob Poeltl was probably the most violent of the season. His incredible buzzer-beater on a long pass from Steven Adams in the same game has been one of the major highlights of the season. His usually rare 360° shot has become commonplace for Ja Morant. Obviously, when you’re flying a counterattack like you did against the Lakers a few weeks ago, you’re going to instantly hit the headlines. Obviously, we wouldn’t be surprised if Morant one day tops the list that Curry occupies. The Memphis point guard has absolutely everything he needs.

Stephen Curry is far ahead, LeBron James is still around, and Ja Morant is on the rise. Do what you want with these numbers, but they represent a rather interesting indicator of where NBA players stand in the hearts of fans. We can clearly see that Stephen is still the darling of many, not just Mary Patrux.

Text source: Basketball News Network

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