9th edition starts this Saturday

Time to reconnect with this event. After being put on hold for health reasons, the ASPTT Movement for Them returns as part of International Women’s Rights Day as its ninth edition. “It starts on March 5th and ends on March 12th”, emphasizes Enerique Crassat, coordinator of the ASPTT Bar-le-Duc/Meuse Grand Sud, who is proud to see the sports club reunited with a bringing The new licensee is linked to the unified event. go to structure.

The “Sponsored by the ASPTT Federation” approach is to provide free exercise and discovery classes at various parts and components of the local ASPTT.

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One club, 13 sections, 4 days of entertainment

Inline skating, handball, volleyball, Nordic walking, bodybuilding and even bicycle tours: the range of activities on offer is wide-ranging and will inspire the curiosity of women…and men. “Of course, this week corresponds to the prominence of International Women’s Rights Day, but men also get the spotlight,” said the coordinator of some kind of equality prominent in the display structure. “We have 525 males registered to 461 females,” he noted, noting that these numbers are starting to approach the 2019-2020 season’s main stallion. “Our annual membership is 1,005, compared to 1,205 in 2019.”

One-time events such as “Sports Give Them” have spiked the numbers, allowing for event memberships, which brought the ASPTT’s membership closer to 2,000. “We’re starting to get back to cruising speed,” said Enrique Crassat, who hopes to take advantage of this week’s activity. He knew, among other things, that he could rely on the locomotives and their 341 licensees that made up the ASPTT handball.

To attend the event, simply register online at lesportdonnedeselles.asptt.com or register directly onsite during the event. “You just need to provide your name, first name and a valid email address so you can insure people. » Is your keyboard ready?

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