A few more high-quality posters before heading to the party in Cleveland

Just like every week on TrashTalk, find the full program for the next 7 days, go to work with the face of a zombie and the breath of a grandmother who just ate a can of stale herring.While waiting for some potential updates, here is the signature menu physical education.

As part of celebrating the NBA’s 75th anniversary, there’s a huge All-Star Game in Cleveland this weekend. But while waiting for multiple surprises from Ohio’s side, there are still a few games to play, and those games won’t be in vain. Miami, Chicago, Cleveland and Milwaukee are still vying for the No. 1 spot in the East, and the rankings could still change by Friday. We’ll be especially looking at the Bulls who receive the Spurs at 2 a.m. tonight, then the Bucks-Pacers, which will make you want to sleep later than usual on Tuesday. Ultimately, though, it could be the Hornets-Heat outcome that will determine which team will wear the Eastern Conference leaders’ garb for All-Star weekend. For those who prefer flashy and spectacular moves without focusing too much on defense, the weekend promises a new Rising Stars Challenge on Friday, Saturday’s game is always fun, and Sunday to Monday night’s All-Star Game will change. be more exciting.

Monday night, February 14

  • Chicago Bulls – San Antonio Spurs 2 Hours (beIN 4)
  • Los Angeles Clippers – Golden State Warriors at 4:30 (beIN 1)

Tuesday evening, 15th February

  • Philadelphia 76ers – Boston Celtics 1:30 (beIN 1)
  • 2 a.m. Milwaukee Bucks – Indiana Pacers (beIN 4)

Wednesday evening, 16 February

  • Memphis Grizzlies – Portland Trail Blazers at 2 a.m. (beIN 4)
  • Los Angeles Lakers – Utah Jazz at 4 a.m. (beIN 1)

Thursday night, February 17

  • Charlotte Hornets – Miami Heat at 1 a.m. (beIN 3)
  • Brooklyn Nets – Washington Wizards at 1:30 (beIN 4)

Friday night, February 18

  • Rising Stars Challenge at 3am (beIN 1)

Saturday night, February 19

  • All-Star Weekend Saturday night at 2 a.m. (beIN 1)

Sunday evening, February 20

  • 2022 NBA All-Star Game: Team LeBron – Team KD, 2 a.m. (beIN 1)

we please print the program physical education, we display it at the entrance or in the office, so we don’t miss anything the channel has to offer in the next 7 days! In the meantime, we’re going to get some coffee…

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