A handball World Cup in total madness by Covid-19

Teams drop out before or during matches, incredible results, criticism from all sides: the world championships in Egypt have no shortage of animations.

Everyone doubted it, but now it’s certain: the World Handball Championships in Egypt have not experienced a pandemic. Even before the game, some German players would rather give up. Before the thunderbolt, Covid-19 forced the Czech Republic and the United States to drop their participation before the game, leaving their “chance” to North Macedonia and Switzerland, which is looking more and more like a lottery. If it falls on the “virus” box On, this amounts to bankruptcy or almost. And it’s not over yet…

Cape Verde quits Germany

This Saturday, FIFA announced that the match between Germany and Cape Verde was canceled due to two Covid-19 cases in the workforce of the archipelago, which can only bring 11 players in Egypt and therefore does not There are enough players again to play from a regulatory standpoint. As a result, Germany defaulted (10-0) to win the second day of the first round, scheduled for Sunday, and found themselves qualified for the main round. Cape Verde, benefiting from this Egyptian edition’s expansion from 24 to 32 teams in the first match of the World Cup, lost Friday to Hungary (34-27) with just 11 on the roster. Players, there have been many cases of Covid-19 in their workforce. Cape Verde will stay in the same hotel as Germany, France and Norway, but will be separated for safety on arrival in Cairo, a Cape Verdean official told AFP earlier this week.

“There may indeed be air pockets”

Ludovic Cesc Fabregas

Hungary, which is located in the same hotel as the Blues, opposite the pyramid, is reserved for all teams in Pools A and E. Therefore, there are concerns that the virus may spread. Especially since there is no shortage of critics. So when he arrived at the same hotel, Norwegian Sander Sagosen described the theoretical hygiene bubble in the first round of 4 hotels and 4 stadiums as a “farce”. In the hotel, players can meet regularly with reporters, organizers or staff, and the health monitoring of people outside the team lacks rigor. “There may indeed be air pockets,” French center Ludovic Fabregas commented at a news conference. “But you have to know how to be tolerant and accountable. We all need to be able to play by those rules.”

The rest of the Cape Verde team had to be tested again on Saturday and were not quarantined, but they “have no right to have contact with other teams, delegations or international hands”, the latter specified. Under the rules of the game adapted to the health crisis, Cape Verde remains hopeful at this stage to be able to resume play, thanks to reinforcements from its workforce. Other players heading to Egypt will be required to show a negative test prior to their flight and remain in their room until the results of a new PCR test taken on arrival in Cairo are known. Whether these Covid-19-related concerns were accidental or coincidental, has already sparked multiple surprises on the ground since the game began on Wednesday. The best of them came from last-minute guests, Switzerland…

Switzerland, Victory almost jumps out of the plane

Centre-back Andy Schmid’s team was the benchmark for the position, and less than 48 hours after learning he would play as a second match, he won in his first World Cup match since 1995. The country of Austria (28-25) is on the bench. Departing from Schaffhausen at 6 in the morning and arriving in Cairo early in the afternoon, without passing the hotel, I went directly to the October 6th City Hall in the western suburbs. But the Swiss, who were unable to train in Schaffhausen on Wednesday due to health protocols, were quarantined in their rooms and experienced two major panics on this crazy day: their plane takeoff was delayed by snow, Another time they got to the lobby and it was an hour and a half before the game to get their luggage…

Spain and Croatia surprised

Among many others, this was a surprising result. So South Korea made a real correction in the opening game against Slovenia (51-29), the same Slovenia was beaten in stride by the Russian Federation (31-25), which itself failed to do better than the tiebreaker against Belarus (32 -32). Handball dropped…other surprises, Croatia and Spain drew with Japan and Brazil (29-29 each) in their first-round tie on Friday. It’s no longer surprising to see Brazil, who beat Serbia, Russia and Croatia in 2019, compete with European nations, while Japan has finished last in the first three World Series. As points are distributed, he can aim higher for the sequel. Croatia, finalists in the last European Cup, will have to pull together against Angola and then Qatar to keep their ambitions high. European champions Spain led Brazil at half-time (16-13) and had a futile chance of winning on penalties at the end of the game. And it’s only four days until the race starts…


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