A Lakers coach yelled, and LeBron confirmed it!

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However, in a new series of losses, the Lakers refused to give up. An assistant coach of the Purple and Gold made a cash speech on the social network, saying that they should not be buried… This sentence was personally verified by LeBron James.

Most people don’t think the Lakers can still win a championship at this point. The balance sheet (Occidental 26-31, 9ᵉ) is not in their favor, as is currently the case with 3 losses in a row. Still, for a Californian like Phil Handy, letting go is a no-brainer. Frank Vogel’s assistant coach didn’t detail on Instagram ahead of summit against Golden State Warriors: Better not sell bearskin before killing it!

Phil Handy confident in Lakers’ title chances

Stopping is not an option! I will always find ways and work. You don’t become a champ by quitting anyway. My 3 rings show that I know what I’m talking about. Outsiders and skeptics continue to be talked about. If you thought we were going to drop the season, you’ve never experienced adversity in your life. Constant work every day is necessary because if you don’t work, you have no chance.

Clearly, despite the setbacks following the resumption of play, those concerned remain convinced of his men’s chances. That doesn’t stop critics of Californians from setting them on fire, but that attitude is bound to complement the locker room. A lot of players did like the post before it was deleted. LeBron JamesDwight Howard even Anthony Davis Appreciation for the speech addressed to all:

With bad luck, it wasn’t enough to beat the Warriors, who won 117-115 thanks first and foremost to the huge Klay Thompson (33 on 12/22 shooting). However, Handy was right about one thing: The Purple and Gold couldn’t give up. That would send a dire message to their supporters and would prove to be a conceded defeat after an apparently mismanaged offseason. So they have to roll up their sleeves to find a solution…even though they’ve been trying to do so lately.

The Lakers are on a losing streak, but Phil Handy doesn’t want to give up yet. A commendable mindset that can give the locker room a little bit of confidence it needs during these difficult times in the City of Angels.

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