A nugget of gold ignites everything and is unheard of in history!

If Toronto doesn’t play a dominant role in 2021-22, front office can be thankful it had talent in the last draft. Rookie Scottie Barnes is improving every week and is now showing his full potential. Brooklyn especially took the sauce and has a unique performance in history!

Drafted at 4ᵉ last summer by the Raptors, Scottie Barnes isn’t the most widely known player in the NBA, far from it. His team is in contention for the playoffs (33-27 and 7ᵉ in the East), but the hype around Nick Nurse’s team is pretty muted. It has allowed players to progress quietly, though, with Florida State’s Nuggets being a prime example. Averaging over 14 points, seven rebounds and three assists per game, he’s also in the Rookie of the Year race, though not the most popular.

To achieve this, he needs several very large cards whose performances will remain in the collective imagination. The wing knew that and decided to make the Nets his first victim on the floor. In welcoming Canadians, blacks and whites were wiped out (Ben Simmons, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant all absent), the latter won by a wide margin (133-97). This success is especially marked by Barnes, who completely gave up on something that had never been seen in history!

Scottie Barnes unstoppable against Nets

Scotty Barnes tonight:
28 points*, 16 rebounds*, 4 assists, 5 steals and 12/14 shooting (*career high).

He was the first rookie in NBA history to shoot 85 percent from the field with 25 points, 15 rebounds and 5 steals.

No matter what the opponent was, the beginner didn’t hold back, even walking inside the opponent’s lane, collecting no less than 9(!) offensive rebounds. If this kind of strength was commonplace 30 years ago, it is even more so today! Prove that this boy has a lot of talent and could end up being a very good player in the league if needed. It remains to be seen if he’ll be Spicy P’s deputy, or if he’ll be a Dinos franchise:

Scottie Barnes broke the screen against the Nets, and his performance allowed him to write NBA history. For a newcomer looking to quickly recreate this madness, this kind of event is unforgettable. Toronto got a great draw anyway!

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