A return to the golden age of the French men’s handball team

Don’t be hurt by words! It’s been almost fifteen years since bruises on men’s hands dominated the discipline worldwide and left a sense of sovereignty, permanence and longevity in people’s hearts, so much so that one has a right to wonder where they will stop. down, not worried. Back here, at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, its climaxes and climaxes have continued since, even indulging myself in the craving for a World Cup title.

Beijing Olympics: The Royal Parade begins,

Spurred by two huge disappointments at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, the Blues finished 5thand Then at the 2007 World Championships in Germany, they failed at the foot of the podium (4and) and eager to put their name in the history books, the golden generation of the tricolor, which includes in its ranks Didier Dinet, Jerome Fernandez, Nikolai Karabatic, Daniel Narcissus, Thierry Omeyer, with a great spirit of vengeance and a sense of last chance.

“Our generation went through 2000 and 2004. Athens was a painful moment (5th), just like the 2007 World Cup semi-final loss to the Germans (4th). These two sad moments established Our future victories. In 2008, we arrived in Beijing thinking it might be our last Olympics because we were all in our thirties. We wanted to capture the titles our generation lacked in sports. We knew, We had a way of wrapping up this last Olympic adventure. The “preparation” was more specific, we trained like robots to get the title, and then handed it over. We managed to do it, with European (2010) and Worlds ( 2009) for three consecutive championships. That’s fantastic.” Declares Jérôme Fernandez the top scorer in the history of the French handball team. Beat the surprising Icelander 28-23 in the final to claim France’s first gold medal in handball history. The beginning of the Odyssey.

London, where the blues are higher than ever,

“After Beijing, we won one game after another (World Championships in 2009 and 2011, Euro 2010) and finally we found ourselves in London as favourites and we thought we were going to give up. London is the pinnacle “Fairy tales are already wonderful, but this second title in a row is the end of a dream. We know we’re going down in history. Especially since our generation has really come to an end this time. Plus, we’ve been beaten up before the Olympics. Criticism from the media, saying we’re going downhill, too old to go for a medal. It stings us. We want to prove we’re not done and fight for a historic second Olympic title. “Preparing” just got harder, Because we were older, and then we had to play Spain in the quarter and Croatia in the half. The final against Sweden was almost the easiest game. But with this second Olympic champion, we really became Expert.” The same Fernandez made the same point as he told FranceInfo’s microphone about this immeasurable and poetic idyll between the French team, the Olympics and the World Handball Championship. As the generations go by, the French order appears to be going on for a full month, but still has the same value. As a reminder, in these games in London and the final on July 12, France edged out Sweden 22-21.

Rio, the chef’s surprise though…

Jérôme Fernandez, a great figure in French handball, a first-rate actor, and then a privileged witness to expert achievement, always said: “Before we went to Rio, we knew it would be more complicated. France The team is in the phase of merging the new generation, Mahé, Gérard, Porter, Luka Karabatic… We said to ourselves we have to carry on the culture of winning from the older generation. But hey, 2014 , in 2015 we will be looking for European and world champions. The team arrived in Rio with the greatest guarantees and the boys started to dream. Only in the final we met the Danes fully integrated into the new 7v6 rules and we fell. It has to happen one day. It’s the first time France have lost a final since 1993, we’ve kept our ninth straight… We’re used to winning finals, we’re disappointed, but this silver medal is fantastic. For those It’s hard for people who have been through it and vowed to take their possessions back to Tokyo.” For numbers lovers, Denmark beat two-time defending champions France 28-26 at the 2016 Olympics.

Tokyo, long-awaited revenge,

“Three Finals in a row is already an amazing achievement. We knew we were going to start a major generational change after Rio, including a young world champion and a European junior champion. But honestly, our goal is 2024 Olympic title in Paris. Postponing the Olympics by a year helped us incorporate youngsters like Hugo Discart. The team came here without complications, with confidence and without stealing their title as they blew up Spain Europe Champions and Egypt’s double, rising in value, making it to the final. Five years after beating Denmark, it’s time for revenge. 2016 youngster is 2021 executive and today integrates new Nuggets. Four consecutive entries The final was amazing. Better than the Swedes. But those who know Rio, are not happy with the money, especially for those who don’t know Paris. For young people, it’s the first time in the Olympics They will arrive in Paris as favourites.” Facing the Danes who stripped them of their Olympic gold medal four years ago and broke an endless chain of victories, the pundits beat them 25-23 on 7 August 2021 The opponent of the night, regained control of the game.

What about the future?

“This success is the result of everyone’s hard work. The federation has put the right things in their place, innovating on the sports learning bar. Daniel Constantini has shown that he can compete with the best in France Handball. This Olympic novel actually started in 1992, with the Bronze in Barcelona, ​​and then continued in Atlanta in 1996 (for the 4th). Since then, the cycle has followed”, Fernandez continued, “since Since 2008, French handball has found a balance between renewal and continuity”. ”There, seriously, we have a group of people who can go to the Brisbane Olympics in 2032. Young people are gradually maturing, and the reservoir behind is not only full of talent. As of today, the French team is the favorite to win the Paris Olympics. He continued. So now all eyes are on the 2024 Paris Olympics, with a clear desire to win at home, in front of France of all sports, and it’s enough to add another glorious chapter to this remarkable epic .the symbol will only be magnified and enlarged.

Over the past fifteen years, France has won no less than four Olympic medals in handball, of which only one was a silver, seven in the world, and has been crowned several times at the European Championships in the sport. A very impressive cycle and absolute giantism in a high level of consistency and maintenance, even the most treasured books in history are sure to be respected.

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