Adrian Figueres (Charles) left his mark

Chartres Spain international Adrian Figueras earned a late recognition. But, at 33 years old, he was the main player in our championship.

The 25-year-old is still playing in the Barcelona reserve team

If he is now one of the big names in the Spaniard’s selection, eight years ago, the current Chartres center (1m93, 95kg) is still a steady resident of the Barcelona reserves. Without a real chance to break into the famed Catalan team, the Barcelona native persevered and reaped the fruits of his labor.

His coach at Chartres, Toni gerona, was already his coach at Barcelona’s reserves

The current Chartres coach has known his longtime player since 2019. Starting with Figueres wearing the Blaugrana Reserve colours:” We know he has the potential to reach this level, but Harvey Pascual wants a stronger defensive center “Remembers the former coach in Tunisia.

He is Spain’s double European champion

Most of the records of Figueres were established at los Hispanos. In 2018 and 2020, the Spain international (since 2016) has won the European Championship twice in Croatia and Sweden, Austria and Norway, beating the Swede (29-23) and the Croatian (22-20) respectively.

He is the bronze medalist at the 2021 World Cup

In 2021, Spain is third in Egypt’s competition amid the pandemic. Adria Figueras wins new charm. This time, the metal is bronze. In order to get the third place, the Spaniards beat the French team 35-29.

Excellent physical handball player

He is a bronze medalist at the Tokyo Olympics.

A few months before the Worlds, Spain from Figueres once again pulled out of the competition in Japan. Catchingly, the Spaniard was beaten by Denmark (23-27) in the semi-finals, but pulled back against Egypt (33-31). On August 7, they reached the third step of the podium.

He studied physics before coming to Nantes

Nantes signed Adria Figueres for the 2020/2021 season in order to replace Nicolas Tournat, who is heading to Kielce.A superb scorer, the Spain international is seen by his compatriot Alberto Entre Rios “A player with great attacking ability. He holds his position perfectly in two-on-two games, has a very good grip on the ball and reads the game very well, which will give us a lot of possibilities and complementarity ». When the player came to challenge Nantes, the French team knocked on his door. That’s a good thing, because Figueres just finished his physiology research.

He was twice named the best player in the Spanish league

According to the maxim, no one was a prophet in his country. But if Figueres tries to make his mark at Barcelona, ​​he will export his talent elsewhere. In particular, Granollers, the club on the outskirts of Barcelona between 2014 and 2020, was tired of being the star in the Spanish second division. As such, he will vote twice to publish the MVP twice, in 2016 and 2018.

Figueres makes Chartres shine

His contract runs until June 2023

The Eure-et-Loir club made a splash when Chartres hired Adria Figueras. The Spain international, who arrived directly from Nantes, has been signed for two seasons until June 2023: “I am very happy to join Chartres. On a personal level, I would like to continue to play in the French Championship. It is a very attractive champion ».Coach Toni Gerona described the arrival as “The team is willing to improve and set more ambitious goals for the future”.

he is a happy dad

Adria Figueras, a father of two little girls, takes family background very seriously. The great football and basketball fan admits: “It’s important for me to make them feel good and fit in ”. The best way to best express the essence of handball by living in the best private environment.

For him, the Ligue 1 title is the best in Europe

As an offensively efficient player, he also frees up a lot of space for his teammates while also attracting a lot of attention from the defense. Adria Figueres raved about the quality of the French Championship: “I want to enjoy Star League for a few years. I think they work well in all areas. It really is one of the best leagues in the world ».

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