‘Algerian handball is on target’ – TSA

The 19th Mediterranean Games commissioner Mohammad Aziz Drouaz said in Oran on Wednesday that public authorities wanted the sporting event, scheduled for next summer, “to show the world what Algeria is really like in all fields”.

According to the report, Mr. Drouaz, who was invited to participate in the daily “El Djoumhouria” forum in Arabic, stressed that the President of the Republic, Abdelmajid Teben “personally oversaw the success of the Mediterranean Games, which should reflect Algeria’s Real image” official agency rendering.

“Reflects the true image of Algeria”

The JM Commissioner, who was received by the President of the Republic a few weeks ago, said that Mr. Tebboune had given guidance and advice to facilitate the task of the organizing committee, “which helped us overcome all the difficulties,” he said.

“The results of the new impetus given to the Olympic Organizing Committee by the public authorities have started to appear locally”, he recalled the very positive and encouraging impression of the President of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games (CIJM), David Tisano and the Secretary General of the same committee. Lakovos Philippoussis brought them to Oran at the end of a working visit last weekend.

“Everyone knows that four months ago, we experienced huge delays in preparing for the joint meeting, so much so that CIJM published a negative report on the progress of preparations for this Mediterranean meeting. This report originated from the new chair of the committee and his The Secretary-General has decided not to participate in the international forum we organized in Oran last December in preparation for the 19th edition”, in this regard, the former Minister of Youth and Sports.

“Things have returned to normal and we have caught up over the past four months, which has allowed us to give new impetus to the achievement and a great comfort to ICMG’s first managers. The progress Algeria has made in preparing for these games is tangible, especially in terms of sports infrastructure, the CIJM chairman, who succeeded Algerian Ammar Adadi as the chairman of the committee last October, recalls its ambitious rise and bets on the edition of Oran as a fresh start for JM , JM has lost a lot of its luster over the past few years”, continued the guest at the El Djoumhouria forum.

With this in mind, ICMG has decided to schedule the Games two years before the Games to give athletes a chance to prepare better, thus ensuring that as many champions as possible are present at the Mediterranean Conference. Former coach of the national handball team.

Mr Drouaz also welcomed the “sporting heritage” that the Oran province will benefit from after the JM, including new sports and other restored infrastructure, and affirmed that Oran’s sports revival has an important factor, as in Algiers , after the 1975 Mediterranean Games.

The official also spoke highly of the plans made by various special committees in preparation for World Youth Day, “which will see a first-class cultural dimension.”

To ensure the success of the Oran edition of JM, the organisers are also counting on the publicity side, as in this case it is an issue, to establish a special programme for the operation, which has recorded “significant delays”, admits Mr. Druaz.

‘Algerian handball becomes a target’

The latter announced the signing of contracts with specialized agencies to cover the delays and open the field to civil society participants to contribute, as well as Olympic ambassadors to be selected by the Algerian Olympic Committee (COA) later, including champions of various Algerian sports in Perform specific tasks at home and abroad.

However, according to Mr. Derouaz, the handball tournament during the 19th JM may be cancelled due to the CAN handball tournament in Morocco during the same period.

According to the official, if the current date of the African Handball Championships remains the same, knowing that it coincides with JM’s date, the 19th Organizing Committee will coordinate with the JM International Committee to study the probability of completely canceling the small-ball championship for the Mediterranean sports masses.

Drouaz reiterated his “strong dissatisfaction” with the African Handball Federation’s delayed response to the request of the International JM Committee and the Algerian authorities on the need to change the dates of the African Championships so that meetings of African teams concerned in the Mediterranean can bring to Oran with their best players.

The JM Commissioner also believes that such behaviour “shows that Algerian handball is the target”, adding that “the Arab Club Championships scheduled for next month in Arzew and Oran have been postponed as a limited number of clubs have given their consent to participate is further evidence of conspiracy incitement against the Algerian hand.”

Mohamed Aziz Derouaz, who coached the Algerian handball team and MC Alger to multiple international championships in the 1980s, took the opportunity to express his regrets about the current state of handball in Algeria, backing up his claim with a “hibernating” state. He said the national senior team has been around for two years.

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