AM League: After Plessis, Montpellier makes comeback at home against Nantes

This Saturday, 26 February, at the Palais de la Sport in Castelnau, the Montpellier resident lost again the 23rd day of Serie A against Nantes.

Montpellier 1

South Treze 3

At Castelnau-le-Lez, Chaban-Delmas gym. Referees: Lei Jay Yang, Siegel.

Package Details: 25-22″ 28′, 25-27″ 30′, 22-25 (30′), 19-25 (28′).

Montpellier: 58 offense wins, 6 aces, 7 counters, 24 turnovers, including 13 serve errors. Gonzalez (7), Demianenko (12), Palacios (11), Lazzo (11), Faure (19), Krajkovic (7), then Gil , Cardin (1), Reiner (3).

Freeman: Gonzalez.

Otolaryngology. : Olivier Leichhardt.

Nantes: 61 offensive wins, 3 Aces, 9 blocks, 19 fouls, 13 of them serve. Neraudau (2), De Souza (9), Moraes Silva (15), François (12), Lopez Pascual (23), De Oliveira (12), then Huetz, Loupias, Lemeur. Freeman: S. Peironet.

Otolaryngology. : Hubert Heino.

“It’s acceptable when you see a team beset by questioning, it makes you believe…” Nantes was convinced. Hubert Henno’s players, from his previous Tourcoing to Chaban-Delmas, made the perfect move after Plessis-Robinson beat MHSC last Saturday.

And Nantes’ victory yesterday was not just because of performance or injured opponents, such as Goff, helplessly in the stands. However, Montpellier took the first set, not without showing some signs of frenzy, starting poorly (0-4) and recovering 24-22 after takeoff (17-11, 24-22).

United Nantes

But Nantes showed strong character and unwavering unity. Dominated in the second set by the determined hands of De Sousa and Moraes (12-15), the trio blocked the sharp Lopez Pascual and slowed down and saw Faure (15-15) opened the score.

But Nantes did not yield (20-21), Block Demyanenko, pushes Faure to the fault of the second set point (25-27). He still resisted the MHSC start, was stinged, he seemed to want to put more intensity, speed in his game, Gonzalez in the first hand, Demianenko short pass (11-7), But didn’t manage to bring the score home.

Nantes regained the lead (14-15, 16-18).François held off Faure (16-19), and while Demianenko and Lenier barely came on as they tried to instill a defiance (19-21), Nantes responded to the stalemate and went all out , did not “sabotage” (20-23) with this diagonal De Lopez, maintaining the same advantage in round 4 of the MHSC, won the game 22-25 and in a clear bad passing.

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