AM League: Montpellier returns to victory at Stade Poitiers

Montpellier won 1-3 at Poitiers on Tuesday 1 March, the final game of Day 15, with the long-awaited derby looming.

Poitiers 1

Montpellier 3

in Poitiers. 2002 audience.

Set: 25-20″ 28′; 20-25″ 29′; 18-25″ 26′; 18-25″ 26′

referee: mm. Djadoun and Zgheib.

Poitwen Stadium: Chizoba 16, Noda 14, Concepcion 11, Voulkidis 11, Poglajen 1, Carisio 1, then Truhtchev 6, Helfer, Elsafy. Freeman: Ramon.

Montpellier: Faure 18, Demyanenko 13, Palacios 11, Lazo 10, Lyneel 8, J. Gonzalez 3, then Gill, Cardin. Freeman: A. Gonzalez.

Yesterday, Lawson-Body ended the start of a losing streak. logically. And, despite injuries to two of the three centers, Nikolas Legoff and Simon Krajkovic, poor Danny Demyanenko became the only specialist at the position.

But Olivier Lecat and his staff, especially Italian Fabio Storti, have been able to adapt and innovate during his tenure Three forward receivers : Nicolas Lazo, Julien Lyneel and Ezequiel Palacios, the latter theoretically finding himself at the centre.

Offensive efficiency is not high

In practice, this was not always the case, as Theo Faure successfully attacked the middle for the first time. In any case, this unprecedented starting configuration had consequences during the first set, notably two misplacements.Still, and their difficulty in attacking, Javier Gonzalez and his mates would rather keep great In the opening round, even got ahead at the right time (17-18). In addition to misunderstandings on the catch and a serious lack of offensive efficiency, they paid a heavy price in money (25-20).

The Montpellier resident made no mistakes for the rest of the game. They made the difference (11-9 then 13-18) to logically tie (20-25) and took the points home after the break (18-25) with the still-hard-to-receive Stade Poitevin. Four aces from Ezequiel Palacios, Danny Demyanenko, Théo Faure and Nicolas Lazo in the third round showed service dominance, and Alexis Gonzalez and his team didn’t really falter.

Victory ah ah ah ah

The team won by 1/3 @Spvb86 In the land of potevine!

Got 3 points tonight?

Is the team doing well?#I’m #lnv #victor #volleyball #volleyball #mhscvb

— MHSC-VB (@MHSCVolley) March 1, 2022

They also didn’t shiver in the next set (18-25), winning one 16 wins This season and taking the opportunity to overtake Narbonne in the standings and return in fourth place, followed by an explosive derby at Sète, won at Cambrai yesterday (3-1) and Sunday at Barcelona Lu.


Olivier Lecat (Montpellier coach): “We talk a lot now, we try to find solutions, find a new rhythm together. We don’t give up, we try. We talk a lot with executives, trying to turn this energy around Abundant and united. We are in difficult times, the players are suffering, the rotation is lacking. We partnered and exchanged with Fabio (Stotti) to build this configuration that Milan used in Italy two years ago. They joined and Excellent resource.”

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