Amid Rumors, Evan Fournier Announces Cash

The Knicks, ranked 12th in the East, are hoping to stay active in the market to turn around a very bearish season. On the rumour front, Evan Fournier speaks with tough words.

That’s not what the Knicks had hoped for. A major draw at the start of the series against Atlanta at the start of the final playoff series in the East, the New Yorkers are counting on getting into that battle again when spring rolls around. Unfortunately for Tom Thibodeau’s men, it’s really been a white season, which has struggled in recent weeks.

Between Julius Randle, who no longer hides his discomfort, Kemba Walker, who turned fiasco, and Evan Fournier, who can be dazzling but not consistent, the Knicks have gone back to their old ways , and has been losing for a while.

Evan Fournier reacts to endless rumours

So, unsurprisingly, we’ve heard from various sources that management intends to relocate by the deadline, with 4 names at the top of the list: Julius Randall (if the offer is good), Evan Fournier , Kemba Walker and Alec Burks. The Frenchman, who signed free from Orlando last summer, knows he’s one of those guys who can be cut with an axe. But in the face of the media, he wanted to use the “Captain in the Storm” slogan:

When I say something, I mean it. I really think we have the right players. We have talent, we have resilience, we have it all. We are not far from playing better and winning. We just have to find ourselves and that’s what we have to do.

Optimistic as any self-respecting high-level athlete is, Fournier may encounter some kind of skepticism from Knicks fans, who are routinely treated by a team that’s exhausted on the AC. Personally, after a slow start to the campaign, Wavin has recently set his sights on a good place to string together interesting individual performances.

That’s a boon for the Knicks, who can use this better shot to evaluate its value and make a trade. But the contract is still pretty lucrative (four years, $73 million), suitors won’t quarrel, and Fournier can finish the season in New York.

Evan Fournier is still willing to believe that and offers hope to Knicks fans who have suffered from a real hangover this season. Will the French at least have a chance, or will he be traded on Thursday night? Nothing is more certain than this…

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