AS Moulins Volleyball changes name and chairman

First is a new name: AS Moulins Volley-ball becomes Moulins 3V Volley (three “Vs” for volleyball, values ​​and will). Thus, a new identity and a new chairman: Stephen Thomas replaced Benjamin Lenoir as head of the club.

Another change is an office dedicated to young people under the age of 21. “The future of the club depends on the young people. I find it normal to start involving them in the life of the club. My aim is to encourage volunteering. A points permit will be implemented. Volunteers earn points every time they do something for the club. Most active will be able to obtain a free license”, explains Stéphane Thomas.

A new logo has also been created. “Our aim is to really refresh the association, which must continue to build itself up to develop at a sporting level,” concluded the new president, who wants to increase the operating budget to give clubs the means to grow. .

The club will set up additional training places for youngsters and “modernise it with more efficient equipment”. The goal is “to train young people to work in better conditions for supervisors”.

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training priority

The club has had an M18-U21 squad since the start of the season. The training had an encouraging start. Both U15 teams are promising. “The next generation seems to be at ease,” emphasizes Stéphane Thomas, who also aims to develop the convivial and family aspects of the association. Several decisions were made for this, such as the establishment of a clubhouse in the gymnasium of La Petite-Motte.

new office. President, Stephen Thomas; Secretary Gilles Chapelet; Assistant Secretary Julien Billaud; Treasurer, Diane Dupont; Assistant Treasurer Jean-Hugues Bell. Members: Marie Montandrau, Marie Thomas, Claudie Makarawiez, Ilona Jansikova, Théo Sournet, Florence Raposo, Frédéric Coulon, Clément Mansard.


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