Basketball – NBA – Philadelphia 76ers humiliated by Boston Celtics

The Sixers lost their third-worst loss of the season (87-135) against Boston under the watchful eye of James Harden, who was unavailable on Tuesday, and the current state of the team is Boston’s undisputed-composition Team with the longest winning streak in the NBA (9). So even a home loss to the Celtics shouldn’t be seen as an insult. But Philadelphia increased the way this Tuesday, sinking completely (87-135). ALSO READ THE NIGHT’S RESULTS Since its inception in 1946, the two teams have never had a 48-point gap in the 457 encounters in the league. It constitutes the third-largest gap of the season, even if it’s still far from Memphis’ historic slap to Oklahoma City in early December (152-79, +73).

“They’re better than us in everything, coaching, playing…if there’s another category, they’re dominating too”In 2008, 76ers head coach Doc Rivers, who was the coach during the Celtics’ 17th and final championship win, had a big smile. Rivers saw his team take water down the middle (0-7 after 1’30). 10 in less than five minutes (4-14, 5th), 20 (28-49, 17th) midway through the second quarter, 30 (44-75, 27th) shortly after halftime, 1st 40 before the end of the three-stage (56-96, 33rd), and even over 50 shortly before the end (79-130, 45th).

Bad symbol, the game was James Harden’s first since Brooklyn moved to “Philadelphia” and he hasn’t been able to play since he was suspended until the All-Star break (hamstring). He especially sees Joel Embiid (19 points but 3/9 shooting) being countered and whistled Three-point stepback attempts, Harden’s specialty.

Also read Harden: ‘Philadelphia is my first choice’ To reach 135 points, Boston shoots like a dream (25/45 3-pointers), leads are very effective (Jaylen Brown 29, Jason 29) 30 points, 28 points) Tatum) and a brilliant Daniel Theis, who contributed 9 rebounds and 4 blocks in 20 minutes.

The only bad news for the “C” team, which is rising (6th in the East) in the standings, is that they may have to temporarily lose nominal leader Marcus Smart when he landed. A serious injury to his right ankle left Embiid a foot in the second quarter.Also read Eastern Conference standings

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