Before his tragic death, the Lakers were preparing to return from Kobe…

Kobe Bryant was some distance from the league after his retirement, but he still maintained an indescribable connection with the Lakers. Rumor has it that the team was planning to offer him a job before he disappeared!

Unlike the rest of the league’s past glories, he never seemed to really miss the game and the day-to-day life of players. disappeared from the NBA Tour one night in April 2016, Kobe Bryant He left it soon after, leaving room for other careers in which he wished to be privileged. Fatherhood is clearly his number one priority, of which he also excels.

write his book Mamba Mentalitymaking his Oscar-winning short film dear basketball…As a young retiree, the Lakers’ fabulous rear multiplied the major projects of his life. But despite these new features for him, he’s trying to somehow always follow his team’s development. The candor he could also have returned had it not been for his tragic fatal crash.

Kobe’s meeting with the Lakers fell through

Before orphaning his fans on January 26, 2020, Bryant had several options to diversify his career. moon, Charles Barkley recently revealed, an a priori conclusion drawn shortly before his disappearance. Another will see him return to the Lakers, but this time in their offices, according to Bill Oram and Sam Amick. sports !

If Bryant hadn’t died in that horrific helicopter crash on January 26, 2020, Bass was considering offering him a direct front office position in the near future. In February 2017, at a dinner in Newport Beach, he persuaded Jenny to fire her brother Jim, who had already made a big impact on the team after his retirement.

The Black Mamba’s place in the Angelino org chart appears to have been found. In fact, if he accepted Jenny Buss’ offer, Bryant would have found his former agent and good friend Rob Pelinka in the Los Angeles front office. Therefore, their cooperation will undoubtedly be very smooth, and Vino can prove his influence on the younger generation to attract stars to join!

However, it’s not certain that Bryant will appreciate this meeting with his former team, and it’s an a priori “from the shadows” role. His schedule seems to be very busy, and the direction Zijin is going doesn’t seem to suit him.He won’t necessarily welcome LeBron James on the spot, believe Signing the King’s first reaction !

Of all the hats Kobe Bryant could have borrowed while he was alive, Jenny Buss is about to offer him the executive position. No doubt his aura will work wonders in this position, allowing his candor to attract some really pretty names!

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