Ben Simmons will face real chaos!

There’s still not a minute left this season, and Ben Simmons doesn’t yet know when he’ll be able to play with the Nets, especially with Kevin Durant. However, the Australians have made a bizarre choice that will cause chaos for the next few days. The 76ers have been warned.

It’s been a few weeks now Ben Simmons A Nets player, but he hasn’t had a chance to play under Steve Nash yet. something wrong? Back pain, which delays the process. We have to be patient as we can only discuss next week’s return at best. in the next few days? This is to be forgotten.

The fans’ disappointment is huge, as the Nets travel to Pennsylvania to face the Sixers on March 10. Simmons could have faced off against his old team sooner, but a physical breakdown dictated otherwise. However, there is one more interesting fact to be aware of.

Ben Simmons in Philadelphia

No, Simmons won’t be on the court, but he’ll be playing in Philadelphia. As announced by Shams Charania, the player intends to travel to support his teammates and will therefore be on the bench. No doubt the reception will be explosive…

Ben Simmons won’t play Thursday against the Sixers, but he is expected to travel to Philadelphia and join his team on the bench at the Wells Fargo Center.

It’s fair to say fans will be keen on whistleblowers, like the Celtics’ Kyrie Irving. The chaotic atmosphere in front of him will not surprise anyone in the end. After months of refusing to play and asking him to leave, Simmons drew the ire of many.

Waiting to see how things go, Adrian Wojnarowski on Simmons’ future, and more specifically, his return to court. It won’t be targeting Philly, and it won’t necessarily be after. We have to be patient in the Big Apple.

Ben Simmons will be in Philadelphia, but not on the court. Still, his presence would energize the room, which could inspire the Nets, or sink them. We can’t wait to find out.

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