Béziers Volleyball: Bernard Fages, “No collective, no sense of resistance”

The Angels chairman punched the table after his players lost again.

Do you remember the underperformance (3-0) of the players at Chamarlier on Saturday night?

no. Nothing works. There is no collective, no individual initiative, no sense of resistance. Even though we had a chance to finish and re-enter the race, the arms started shaking. There is a technical, collective, centralized problem at the moment. I am very unhappy with this performance. I’m talking about the whole team, players and staff.

How do you explain the current difficulties?

I have no idea. I don’t understand how we got to such a low level in just a few days. I have not known this team since the Fenerbahce trip. Losing to such a fleet is normal, but when you win 25-5 in the Champions League, problems arise. Even in Mulhouse we had to win at least two sets, but we didn’t get the decisive points. I’ll be seeing you this Monday and we’ll have to discuss, try to understand and find solutions to raise the bar. We have big games ahead and we have to win and score points to secure our place in the play-offs.

Do you expect your players’ reactions?

Yes of course. Given the current situation, everyone has to put their heads back and react to win the game. Above all, I want us to show our supporters that we are a team, a tight-knit collective, fighting together. Today, it’s not just what we’ve seen, it’s what bothers me the most right now.

However, over the past three months, the dynamics of the team have been excellent.

Indeed, it makes the current situation even more difficult to understand. I’m finding it hard to understand what would happen to show such a level today. We will communicate and discuss together to find a solution. Technically we have very high level girls and I don’t think we have ever had such a strong team in Beziers. We’re going to have to find this little grain of sand and start over. But I still have confidence. I know we have a very good team that is capable of beating everyone in this championship game. Today, the dynamics are more difficult, but I still believe we can recover. It will be up to us to fix these few issues to get back to a very good level and win again.

Four big posters coming soon

Beaten four times in ten days, including three consecutive losses at the national level, the Béziers Angels will start a frantic series. Eighth in the standings, the Biterroises are now under pressure to qualify for the play-offs, where they travel to Venice on Wednesday night before hosting RC Cannes in Four-à-Chaux next weekend. Two very difficult trips will follow at Nantes and Le Cannet. Four meetings with direct rivals, which could be decisive for the remainder of the AF League and the end of the season. The imperative response.

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