Big update for Ben Simmons’ debut for the Nets!

Ben Simmons, who arrived in Brooklyn about two weeks ago, is still waiting to take his first steps on his new team and this season. Recent reports on the subject should also get Nets fans excited!

The least we can say is that the franchise is doing everything it can to get rid of the terrible series it just went through and start a new chapter. After a 12-game losing streak from late January to early February, the Nets decided to change a lot of things, starting with their roster.James Harden was sent to Philly as a result, especially in exchange Ben Simmons.

At present, the star leader regrets not being able to officially wear his new jersey, and is not fully prepared physically and mentally. So, since he came to Brooklyn, he has been training tirelessly, Accidentally appeared in a viral video. However, the ambiguity about his debut with the team remains, but is slowly starting to look up!

Ben Simmons’ first close game with the Nets?

With the All-Star Game approaching, Steve Nash previously had encouraging news from Simmons, specifically his mental state. This time, it’s not the Australian’s coach who is taking stock of the progress of the file, but Ramona the set NBA TodayESPN reporters did give the first sign of Big Ben’s return to the game!

As far as I know, Ben Simmons is going to really step up in training this week and he’ll see where he is. But he’s getting closer (with a comeback). It will be a matter of weeks, not months.

So the Nets won’t have to wait until April and after the playoffs begin to rely on Simmons’ services!

On a physical level, the latter is preparing to step up his training to get as close as possible to the state of the next few days. So, with BKN moving to Philadelphia, a recovery around mid-March seems likely. And then it will be interesting to find out what he does with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, And his new backcourt star partner !

Ben Simmons’ debut with the Nets is becoming clearer as the three-time All-Star prepares to take another step forward in his return to athleticism. A good sign for his team, which certainly won’t spurn his presence at the end of the season!

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