Blues’ ‘game committee’, tri-coloured hands roundtable, ‘one-lap players more restricted’

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Since the World Cup started in Egypt, the Blues have certainly won, but often painfully. They are looking for each other. The experts had their construction suits out, and it was time to rebuild. This requires discussion, a lot of exchanges, and sometimes even in a special committee.

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What caught the reporter’s attention was a small line from the Blues program: “The Competition Committee”, a word that turned into a closed loop of philosophy. But it’s also a secret garden for those at the table, such as France’s playmaker Kentin Maher. “It’s something that belongs to us. The gaming committee was created by new hires to communicate more clearly and easily, to refocus our interests and ideas, not a group of twenty, but a dozen committee”he explained.

Luka Karabatic is also part of this tricolour handball secret society formed in the shadow of the Giza pyramids. This is where the identity of the Blues game has been redrawn. This is no small matter. “These are video conferences that we can do with the whole team, but with a smaller circle of players, a reference in offense and defense”

“It’s also a time of discussion with the staff, like our pre-meetings after that, usually in the afternoon, with the whole team, where we clearly define all the strategy and the whole game plan.”

Luka Karatabic

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Luka Karabatic, Kentin Mahé, that’s two. It’s easy to imagine that coach Guillaume Gill and his assistant Eric Massey were there, like new captain Michael Giguo in Blues history. But Luka Karabatic didn’t want to say much about the identity of this very mysterious “Game Committee” member: “I want our own secrecy. We have our own way of working. It’s something that happens internally and is specific to the team”he blurted out.

Hope this advice from a wise man finds Sunday night’s secret weapon. Portugal welcomes all good ideas, it’s starting to make a big splash in European handball and the Blues will find it at the Tokyo Olympics next March.

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