Bourg-de-Péage handball club rescued from bankruptcy by investors

This is called an extreme closing. While a bankruptcy filing was inevitable at the start of the week, on Wednesday 9 March the club found an investor to end the season.

Bet, bet no more! Investors saved the day when the Bourg-de-Péage handball club was on the brink of bankruptcy and threatened to leave the women’s elite team.

Leaders meet again and again to find money quickly, lots of money. They need at least 150,000 euros to finish the season.
The Bourg de Péage Drôme Handball has been facing a deficit of 600,000 euros for several months. He was even destined to file for bankruptcy earlier this week. But that doesn’t count on investor LNA Solutions’ bailout at a time of crisis.

Last night (Tuesday March 8) we have not found any investorssaid Daniel Sénéclauze, president of Bourg de Péage Drôme Handball. Then Grégory Anquetil, a former international player, called me to introduce investors. They came up from the south on Wednesday, March 9, and we met in the presence of the mayor. Between 10 am and 11 am, the transaction is completed. We’ve been convincing them to invest.They and the mayor are relieved”.

The president would not disclose the amount. It’s too early for him, especially as other investors, and possibly investment funds, will pump money into the club in the coming days. ‘“But the numbers are enough to end the season”However, the president would say.

The investor is a Gard-based company managed by Jean and Nathalie Pamart. It was former international Gregory Anquitier who put these leaders in touch with the club.
LNA Solutions Insurance Company Affirming our commitment to the club for present and future seasons, Club delighted by press releaseTherefore, the leaders will provide financial support to overcome the urgency of the situation and get the season to an end in the Butagaz Energy League. Thanks to this financial contribution, the city government has returned to support the club as well as new investors.”.

A handball player ensures that a victory on the ground is three times as much as a defeat. They are currently 7th in the standings. It’s a very commendable position, as last February the club was handed a nine-point penalty for mismanagement.
The National Control Board imposed the sanction because the club did not Submitted documents regarding its financial status within the prescribed time limit.
With nine points missing, the second-placed club fell. Exit the podium and place in the middle of the table.

The club’s current president, Daniel Sénécauze, has left in 2019. But at the end of 2021, he was called back to the rescue.
In September 2021, at a general meeting of shareholders, the presentation of the budget was deemed unclear. The mayor requested an audit. In a coma: Several thousand euros were misappropriated by the manager.
Daniel Sénécauze has been trying to find funding since January 2022. He didn’t consider filing for bankruptcy until Monday, March 7. Today, the club wants to move forward in peace.

Our goal is to submit the 2022-2023 season to the National Steering Committee by the end of April, President explains. At the same time, our new investors will be known”‘.

There are 9 days left until the end of the tournament. The Bourg de Péage Drôme handball players will travel to Brest on Saturday 12th March for their 18th day. A lighter weight move…

It’s been a very tough two months for the girlsentrust Daniel Senecoz, Even on the ground, they have always held their own. On Monday, March 7th, they were very nervous and, like all of us, demoralized.But the arrival of investors cheered everyone up”.

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