Bucks steal a Nets player at the end of the season!

In its search for the top three in the East, Milwaukee hopes to make a difference by using the market to find available players. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the defending champion also came recently. He is a former member of the Nets. Who will join the team this summer.

If the last game against the Blazers ended in a loss (122-107), the Bucks really have nothing to worry about. Granted, only fifth in the Eastern Conference, Giannis And others are only half-time away from the podium. So all is still possible for Wisconsin’s 2021 champions, who aim to gain the floor again in the playoffs.

The lineup is already deep, we just need to make some changes and optimize it as much as possible to get to April next year. Therefore, the Daims front office decided to use the buyout market.It was revealed Adrian Wojnarowski, DeAndre Bembry is about to sign on the spot after he just bid farewell to the Nets. Something to strengthen the wings a bit:

DeAndre’ Bembry close to signing with Milwaukee

Sources told ESPN that the Milwaukee Bucks are close to signing DeAndre Bembry (guard/wing) in free agency for the remainder of the season.Nets waive Bembry to create roster space to close trade James Harden with the 76ers.

Bembry was drafted by the Hawks in 2016 and played four years in the league before becoming a journeyman. This is his fourth team in less than two years, and he passed the Raptors in 2020-21, so he was in Brooklyn at the start of practice. However, the beard move pushed the team to clean up, as Ben Simmons, Cescurry and Andre Drummond were three players in return.

Whatever it is for Milwaukee, it’s there to restore the typical image of a role player. The Charlotte native, who has career averages of 6 points and 3 rebounds per game, is not a Cadorean but could make interesting contributions off the bench. This season he has proven to be very skilled, shooting 57 percent from the field, including 41 percent from long range. That kind of cleanliness is very useful in the playoffs…on top of that, he has a great reputation as a teammate. Some would say, this will change Harden!

As such, the Bucks are looking for small signings, and they’re building up for the upcoming playoffs. The lineup must be as complete as possible to defend the title collected last year, and DeAndre’ Bembry won’t have too much experience to make that happen.

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