Bulls welcome Bucks back home, if we were Grayson Allen, we wouldn’t be cool

After a busy week, we kept our pace and headed off for the weekend! The future MVP (maybe) welcomes the future ROY (maybe), the Dim moving in Bulls territory and the Wolves playing with the Thunder, and we still have a great night. Hop on, we send the program!

# Program for Friday 4th March

  • 1h: Pistons – Pacers
  • 1 a.m.: 76ers-Cavaliers (Live on BeIn Sports 4)
  • 1 a.m.: Wizards-Hawks
  • 1h30: Raptors – Magic
  • 1h30: Bulls – Bucks (BeIn Sports 1 live)
  • 2 a.m.: Pelicans – Jazz
  • 2 a.m.: Thunder – Wolves
  • 3 a.m.: Nuggets-Rockets
  • 4 a.m.: Suns-Knicks

#The game of the night, it’s up to us in the end

Bulls (1h30): It’s the game of the night! The Bulls and Bucks, who are third and fourth in the East, are just one game behind. The Bulls will certainly be keen to “revenge” Alex Caruso, who was injured during a very nasty foul by Grayson Allen during the last meeting. For their part, the Bucks want to start heating up so they can stay in shape in the playoffs, and a win against a direct opponent after Miami would be great. Also watch out for the tactical side, the two teams could meet in the playoffs, and tonight’s game could play out in a few months. Zach LaVine’s ‘Best Duos in the League’ vs. 2021 Champions, 1:30pm tonight! Tristan Thompson is already on fire.

# also see

  • When we talk about the Pistons-Pacers game, we’re bound to think of malice at Palace. Palace is gone, though, and both teams are a little concerned, so there’s no risk.
  • The “unstoppable” new duo from Philadelphia welcomes a young Cavaliers team that has just lost five times in six games. The 76ers aren’t really a team for a revival…
  • Two of the worst defenses in the league will face off tonight in Washington, taking out the Kevlar that it shoots in every direction.
  • Scottie Barnes and Wendell Carter Jr. are both in good shape, which of the two will come out on top? Spoiler, Dinos isn’t targeting the draft.
  • The Jazz went to Louisiana to enjoy the estuary. Will Brandon and Cidjé surprise us?
  • The hungry Wolves head to Oklahoma for another win. OKC would definitely play well and then mysteriously drop everything in the fourth quarter, okay, okay, okay.
  • Nikola Jokic vs. the Houston Rockets, and it could very well be fun.
  • No Chris Paul, no Devin Booker, but most importantly no worries about the Suns vs. the Knicks.

A nice little NBA party to end the week. Let’s meet at 1am! Until then, you have time to stock up on coffee and even take a break.

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