Cameroon / Volleyball: Captain Christelle Nana Tchoundjang also stops at the women’s national team

The 32-year-old volleyball player made the announcement on her official account on Saturday. Christelle Nana Tchoundjang decided to end her international career. The withdrawal comes nearly a month after Stéphanie Fotso.

There is no doubt that the bloodshed inside Cameroon’s national women’s volleyball team continues. After Stephanie Fosso nearly a month ago, it’s the Golden Generation captain’s turn to end her international career at just 32. Members of the Volley Club Marcq-en-Barœul (France) announced the news on social networks this Saturday. Like her former teammates, Kristel Nana Tchoundjang sparked attention to the break by wearing the green, red and yellow jerseys for 14 years after a string of club games and options. The reason is almost the same as Stéphanie Fotso. Is there anything wrong with this national team, the three defending African champions? No prize money and no consideration from the authorities (sport and government) after a hard-fought final Intercontinental title made these brave athletes even better?

While waiting to learn more, here is the full farewell letter from Christelle Nana Tchoundjang, who has an eloquent record (Gold Medal at the African Championships in 2017, 2019 and 2021)
2013 African Women’s Volleyball Championship Best Attacker
Silver Medal, African 2019 African Games Silver Medal.
2021 Women’s Volleyball Player of the Year. )

“Today is one of the biggest and toughest days of my sporting career. It is with a shared sense of sadness and fulfillment that I announce my international retirement.

Playing for the national team for 14 years, where I won championships and tryouts, I feel like I really need to make more time for myself so I can rest and spend more time with my loved ones and continue My project.
Wearing the Cameroon jersey is an honour and a pride for me.

I am especially grateful to all of my family, my parents, my siblings, who are also proud and honored for me. Thank you for your unconditional support.
Special thanks to my dear mother who has been encouraging me, left this world almost two months ago and is 67 years old today
Thank you to my second mother, Rose BELENG, who has always been there for me and has always been.
To you, I’m a sister from another mother, as I like to call you.

I would like to pay special tribute to Coach NANÉ EONE Joseph, whose soul chose me for the national team for the first time.

To my teammates, I certainly wouldn’t have had this great international career without them, and I’m so grateful for what we’ve been through, for all these stories you’ve written together, for these good times, joys and sorrows.

My supervisors (technical and medical staff) thank you for your trust in me and for your continued listening,
Thanks for your teaching and many suggestions.

My supporters, north to south, east to west, thank you for always supporting me, staying with me, and being there in times of victory and defeat.Thanks for everything you have done for me

Thanks to our institutions, the Ministry of Sport and Sports, the National Olympic Committee, the Cameroon Volleyball Federation, who have done a lot to enable us to raise the Cameroonian flag on the African and international roofs.

For the younger generation, you have tremendous potential to continue the work that your elders did, to keep the green-red-yellow shining and let our flag fly higher.
I am with you with all my heart and always at your service.

I love you.
Long live Cameroon Volleyball,
Long live Cameroon. »

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