Can the Blues keep the world title?

Can the French handball team’s autumn-winter series be perfect? Following the European women’s coronation at home in December, the men have a chance to follow in their footsteps at the World Championships in Germany and Denmark from Thursday 10 to Sunday 27 January. But to once again retain the titles they won in 2015 and 2017, Didier Dinart’s team will have to shake off a formidable rebounding opponent.


Divided into four groups of six players, 24 teams must play eight games to reach the semi-finals: the top five in the first round in Berlin (Group A), the bottom three in the main round in Cologne against the top three in Group B middle. Group C, as above, will cross with Group D. IMPORTANT DETAIL: Points are reserved against other qualifying teams, so it is advisable to pass the first round to put yourself in a good position to see to reach the last square.


It is indeed necessary to finish first or second in these two sets of sixes (Groups 1 and 2) to advance to the semi-finals in Hamburg on January 25th. The final will take place on January 27 in Herning, Denmark.

french team calendar

The Blues will kick off their match against Group A outsiders Brazil at 8.30pm on Friday. The humble Serbia will then hit the road at 8.30pm on Saturday, ahead of an easier match against a reunited South Korea on Monday. The “big pawn” in this group will be Germany, with France set to challenge Germany in Berlin at 8.30pm on Tuesday, before closing this preliminary stage with another outsider Russia at 8.30pm on Wednesday.


What is the form of the blues?

This World Cup, the Blues lost Nikola Karabatic, who is recovering from foot surgery. But that did nothing to change the ambitions of the Tricolors, who want to be crowned for the third time in a row. “The strength of the team is that it adapts to all situations. It is ready,” affirms Adrien Dipanda without flinching.

It will be harder without Nikola Karabatic, but we have a collective to make up for his absence

“When we see France play, I don’t think we’re going to say to ourselves ‘Ah, if Niko Karabatic were ever there!’ It would have been harder without him, but we have a collective to make up for his absence.” , confirmed winger Valentine Porter. The French star’s absence is uncertain: Coach Didier Dinart has put him on a list of 28 who could be called up, while the 34-year-old four-time world champion could be on the sidelines with the incumbent during the game Consistent in the event of personal injury.

Behind him, the Blues are fully armed to defend their title. Hoteliers Michaël Guigou (36) Luc Abalo and Cédric Sorhaindo (both 34) are still there, and executives Valentin Porte (28) and Kentin Mahé (27) still hold firm values. As for the younger generation of Nedim Remili (23), Ludovic Fabregas (22) and Dika Mem (21), they have a chance to rise to the level of their glorious elders. Some of them will no longer exist, such as Thierry Mayer and Daniel Narcissus.

blues group

guardian: Vincent Gerrard, Cyril Dumoulin

Left winger: Mathieu Grebille, Michael Gigu

Left back: Romain Lagarde, Timothy Nguessan

Half center: Nicholas Clare, Kentin Maher, Deckard Mehm

Pivot: Ludovic Cesc Fabregas, Luka Karabatic, Cedric Sohaindo

Right back: Adrian Dipanda, Nedim Remili

Right winger: Valentine Porter, Melvin Richardson, Luke Abalo

Any other favorites?

The Blues will have to work their way up until a new trophy is stacked in a cabinet already full of French handball. First it is necessary to beat one of the most popular Germany and thwart the traps of Brazil and Russia in the first round. If the Blues make it to the main draw, they could find Spain, who beat them in the semi-finals of the last European Championship, and Croatia, another major handball nation. In the semi-finals, the leaders of Denmark and Sweden can withstand them, while Norway and Hungary are also very tough opponents.

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