Capgemini New Key Partner for 2023 World Cup

Two years before the Rugby World Cup kicks off in France (September 8 – October 28, 2023), Team World Rugby welcomes a third major partner: Capgemini. Last Monday, the consultancy, the historic sponsor of the rugby competition, announced that Joins the family of the main partners for the event (along with Société Générale and Mastercard) but also World Rugby as a partner in “digital transformation”.

Tournament management system and results transfer to the program

With this three-year partnership, Capgemini first wants to enhance its technology expertise. “ Digital is increasingly becoming part of the fan experience but also part of tournament management, Ayman Ezzat, CEO of Capgemini explains. It’s nice to have data, but then there’s the question of how to present it and how to access it. »

As a partner in the World Rugby Sevens series, the company is already collaborating in this field with the International Rugby Federation. “We’ve already worked quite a bit with World Rugby on everything related to the data, Thomas Hirsch, Director of External Communications, Digital and Sponsorship for the group develops. For example, to create prediction games with bots, use artificial intelligence, etc. We will develop this with France 2023. Capgemini will also work on files Tournament Management Systems and the Transfer resultsplus world rugby rankings for men and women.

Rugby is a love story with Capgemini. The World Cup in France gives us a chance to delve into it again in a much more important way. »

Ayman Ezzat, CEO of Capgemini.

Founded by French rugby patron, Serge Kampf, who passed away in 2016, Capgemini has long been a partner of the fifteenth. Rugby is a romance with Capgemini, Ayman Ezzat’s photo. The World Cup in France gives us a chance to delve into it again in a much more important way. » The company, which no longer sponsors French clubs, as it did with Grenoble and Biarritz for a long time, now prefers to partner with world events.

Capgemini is actually present in nearly 50 countries around the world, including All major rugby nations Ayman Ezzat mentions (Great Britain, Ireland, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand…). The organization of the 2019 World Cup in Japan and the opening of rugby to new countries was also favorably received by the company, which “It grows vigorously in Asia”, According to Thomas Hirsch.

World Rugby is seeing record levels of interest in business partnerships in its competitions

By purchasing a ticket to associate its image with the 2023 World Cup, it is clear that Capgemini is seeking to promote its notorious international reputation. But on the contrary, the presence of such a large group as Capgemini (290 thousand employees worldwide) in countries where the sport is not developing also helps the popularity of rugby. “We have people, back home in India, which is not a big rugby country and who are starting to get interested in the sport, by for example doing a rugby tournament against other companies,” Ayman Ezzat says

With this new partnership, World Rugby ensures that The International Federation is seeing record levels of interest in business partnerships in its competitions. » A clear attraction is also in the tickets: 1 million tickets for the 2023 World Cup have already been sold worldwide.


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