castell.Castell volleyball veteran returns to the net

The French Masters Cup will be held at Cosec in Lameilhé on Sunday. A match will make it possible to find ex-Castel volleyball players playing at a high level on the field.

It’s a sporting event that will bring back fond memories for Castres volleyball fans. Beginning this Sunday at 11 am, Cosec de Lameilhé will find the players who made it exciting in the 1990s, while the Castres Volleyball Club (CVBC), the predecessor of the current Castres-Massaguel Volleyball (CMVB), has been upgraded to Pro B.

Grégory Verscheure always works with young Castres volleyball players, but also organizes meetings between older volleyball players. He explained: “We were finally able to find a satisfactory date between all the constraints such as the pandemic. So the first meeting was organized in Castres on Sunday 23 January. It was called Coupe de France Master it’s about over-40 players. There’s even over-50 games, but I’m not eligible yet,” jokes Grégory.

A game full of memories

The former CVBC player knows there’s a hallucination in Lameilhé’s room when the leaders of the Pro A Championship come to brush up against Castres. At this meeting, memories will be stirred among the 40-year-olds who are still competitors. “These games are played slightly differently than traditional volleyball, with the same rules, but with only four players playing on a shorter court and lower net, the game is played in a 2-set tie-break of 15 points. The draw event ‘ the former volleyball player explained.

So there will be 4 teams in the competition, Castres of course, but also teams from Mont-de-Marsan, Périgueux and Carcassonne. Grégory Verscheure agrees: “It’s always a bit difficult to get everyone involved, it’s complicated to organize with players who have to juggle work and family needs. Can’t play this Masters. This Sunday we’ll have Francis Fernandez, Laurent Chanou T, Olivier Melcher and I are on the Castres team, but we won’t have a replacement. Eric Arjona is accompanying the CMVB girls in Montpellier. One game in the morning and two in the afternoon, open to the public, and Provide the usual health advice, of course.” Obviously, those who have supported Castres volleyball since 1993, when the boys were the French National 3 champions, would be delighted to see the men they call Merluche, Le Chat, Fernand and Verchuren wearing it on their shoulders jersey. The latter will have a happy hour with a little aperitif and lunch among all, and memories to be exchanged.

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