Wizards have no immediate ‘very high ball’

Since they have signed contracts for several seasons, Kristaps Porzingis and Daniel Gaford Could form a pair of interiors for the Wizards’ present and future. The former is a 2.24m insider who prefers to play wide, while the latter is an expert in off-board intimidation and offensive rebounding. Currently, their coaches aren’t linking them up, … Read more

Malik Beasley’s all-time No. 1; Portland’s tragic record; Giannis and Jokic getting along

Keep an eye on the NBA’s overnight stats Antetokounmpo is too strong Giannis Antetokounmpo had 43 points, 12 assists and five rebounds in the win over the Hawks. It was his 14th career game at least 40/10/5 and 10th in history. Already five this season, only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has done better. Additionally, he played 8 … Read more

Kevin Durant lashes out at LeBron/Jordan debate!

NBA (DR) / Elite Sports TV (DR) Like many players before him, Kevin Durant once again had to talk about the historic rivalry between LeBron James and Michael Jordan. The Nets star took the opportunity to speak up in this endless discussion! As the Lakers continue to sink and remain within playoff non-play, LeBron James … Read more

All-Star suspended by the league!

When they make mistakes on the court, no one is immune, not even the big names in the league. As a result, an All-Star player was suspended after a complete breakdown midway through the game. He would suddenly miss a potential clash with Nikola Jokic… 13ᵉ In the Western Conference (24-43), the Kings have had … Read more

The star who nearly signed with the Clippers this summer… except for one day!

Coming into a tough season, the Clippers are still saving furniture under Tyronn Lue because of injuries. Things could have been completely different because last summer a star was coming…in one day. Like anything, it doesn’t play much at times. Kawhi Leonard has been sidelined almost this season, and Paul George’s new critical injury has … Read more

Tough season for PJ Washington

In his first two seasons in the NBA, the holder 118 times (122 games total), PJ Washington In the Hornets’ five majors this season, he was replaced at No. 4 by Miles Bridges. The result: His minutes have logically dropped slightly, from an average of 30 minutes in his “rookie” and “sophomore” years to 26 … Read more

Is the Troubled Warriors’ autograph in sight?

After a strong start in the Western Conference, the Warriors lost a lot of games for a while. Draymond Green’s absence is starting to put pressure on this roster, which may need to be stepped up again. To be precise, the front office decided to put a veteran on trial. Despite a 43-22 record, we … Read more