Chamalières must find the mindset to welcome Béziers

Two points, three aiming ranges. Chamalières is no longer far from the target and above all has a few cartridges to reach it, so keep it in the Women’s A-League. The sooner the better, even with the arrival of Béziers, the level of adversity at the Maison des Sports this Saturday (5pm) appears to be beyond their current potential.


Chamariere. 1. Adiana; 4. Done; 6. Bernard; 8. Blackbird; 9. Hernandez; 10. Eluga; 11. Victoria; 12. Rivera; 14. Amana · Guigolo; 15. Aguilera; 18. Rojas; 20. Perez.
bezier. 2. Soto; 3. Basso; 4. Mauriat; 5. Leyva; 6. Howe; 7. Need; ; 17. Hayden; 18. Rochelle.

A relocation competition near the Place des Bughes as a kick-off to “Women’s Week”. An initiative of the Sport Féminin & Co associations that brings together ASM Romagnat (rugby), HBCAM 63 (handball), VBC Chamalières (volleyball), ASM Foot and Clermont Foot 63 associations (soccer) to promote territorial and women’s sports .

The Auvergnates roasted a clown and even took a blow to the head earlier this week to score a point against Vandoeuvre-Nancy. For them, with six moves to the end of the regular period, Evreux’s five was updated according to the calendar, and they still lead the red zone by eight points. Fun but not enough to get your hands on the handlebars.

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correct attitude

“With a game every three days, there is no time to raise the volume of the game,” Atman Toubani points out. And when the mentality doesn’t respond either, we become a lambda team. We don’t have our subject at the moment, but it is Opposite Bezier. You have to mobilize again, show a good image, have the right attitude, fight, keep going.

There is indeed a more affordable opponent than Bezier to start over. The Heraultaises took their fate in their hands and held their place in the closing stages despite being late for their two games. Fabien Simondet’s team is approaching the top spot and is applying for a position more in line with its ranking.

Sport Féminin & co will hold “Women’s Week” in Clermont-Ferrand and Romagna from 26 to 27 February

“We missed the seesaw game on Tuesday night because of a mediocre performance for money, regretting coach Auvergne time and time again. And it’s really not the right time to play Béziers.

Jean-François Nunez


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