Chaumont beats Tours in French volleyball championship

France 3 Champagne – Ardennes and France 3 Centre – Loire Valley bring you the key matches of day 10 of Ligue A (volleyball) on Saturday 27th November. Tour defeated Chaumont.

This Saturday, 27 November at 3.15pm, France 3 Champagne-Ardenne and France 3 Centre-Val de Loire go online in Ligue A Day 10, Chaumont (CVB52) and Tours (TVB) . The two weapons of the Ligue 1 clash. Unbeaten leaders Tours failed to finish again on Tuesday night, beating Toulouse comfortably 3-1 at home. For its part, Chaumont has only lost once this season, against Cambrai on day four, and had to beat Nantes 3-2 on Wednesday night.

The race started at 3.15pm in the Palestra room in Chaumont (Haute Marne) to a total of 1,803 paying spectators. A high-level game dominated by Tours. “We missed it,” according to Raphaël Corre, one of the CVB52 players. Tourageaux is better.

4:45pm: It’s over! Tour volleyball wins.

4:42pm: CVB52 against the wall. The third group begins. Chaumontais has never lost at home. But the defense couldn’t stop Tour from dominating the final set. Amid the chants of supporters, we’ll rock you, Chaumont concedes defeat to Tour. Results: 22-25. Three victories on tour.

4:12pm: The second set is tighter. But Tour won again. Chaumont tries to come back to score. The Indre-et-Loire club have enjoyed great success and seem to dominate the game. Despite Haut-Marnais’ solid defence and the fans beating their drums in a frenzied atmosphere, their performance was outstanding. Results: 21-25.

3:45pm : Chaumont was left behind by Tour at the start of the game. The packaged Palestra shell is boiling. The masked Chaumont supporters were there. But the first set was in Tour’s favour. Who doesn’t seem to have to force a distance. Result: Tour leads 15-25 in the first set.

Fans who followed the game through our website seemed delighted.

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Volleyball Chaumont / Tours

Historic rivalry between the two clubs

Last season, at the end of the regular period in Ligue 1, Chaumont was fourth and Tours were fifth. The two teams thus face each other in the quarter-finals of the play-offs. French champions Haute Manet in 2017 then eliminated Touran in two matches (2-3, 3-0) before losing in the final to Cannes. High-level confrontations between the two teams are nothing new. Tours are even a black beast for Haute Marnais, who lost to Touran twice in the 2018 final, in the French Cup and French Championship play-offs, and then in the 2019 play-off final lost again.

race at palestra

So the debt is heavy, and in their new Palestra lair, the Chaumontes hope to shine in front of their ardent supporters. An exciting match will be broadcast live this Saturday at 3.15pm at France 3 Champagne-Ardenne and France 3 Centre-Val de Loire and on our website.

The game will air on Saturday, November 27th at 3:15pm

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