“Clearly the Nets are the winner of the James Harden trade! »

Brooklyn Nets, represented by NBA superstars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, will win trade that sends James Harden to Philadelphia 76ers

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Two days after the blockbuster trades of James Harden and Ben Simmons, NBA fans are now wondering which team is the strongest. According to a prominent analyst, the Nets are the clear winners!

Once a transfer of this size is completed, it is usually one of two or even three or four teams that emerges as the biggest beneficiary. The XXL deal that the Nets and 76ers reached on Thursday obviously couldn’t escape this phenomenon.It remains to be seen who is from Brooklyn, the new franchise Ben Simmonsor Philadelphia, hometown James HardenJust like that.

For Smith, Nets improve over 76ers

This Friday, a group NBA Today It was this question that was asked, and the packages received by the two franchisees through this exchange were analyzed. Unlike Kendrick Perkins and Richard Jefferson, who see the Sixers as the East’s new favorites, Stephen A. Smith voted for the Nets. The famous ESPN reporter explained himself by mentioning the various assets BKN acquired and recalling Harden’s mixed level!

When I saw Ben Simmons and how perfectly he complemented KD and Kyrie in terms of playmaking, ball handling, basketball IQ, especially his defense, and the arrival of Andre Drummond , Brooklyn desperately needs a big man because “they’re a little skinny in the paint”…all of which makes me think it’s Brooklyn that benefits from this trade!

He’s probably as good as we know him, and James Harden is no longer himself. When I say that, I’m talking about Daryl Morey’s players in Houston. He’s not that player anymore. I wonder how long he can stay in Philly. With KD, Kyrie, Ben Simmons and another big man backing their rackets, I think the Nets are the winner of this trade, obviously!

The arguments in question, his friends on the show apparently tried to disprove their arguments. In order to make itself understood, SAS continued the argument by clarifying its thinking and realizing that Philadelphia also stood out from the industry!

I’m not saying the 76ers regress because of James Harden! I know how good he is and I know he makes them better. But who did they give all their assets to? The Nets already have KD and Kyrie, you give them Ben Simmons, another shooter (Seth Curry) and a big man for their too skinny racket. So what I’m saying is not that James Harden’s Philly got worse, it’s that Brooklyn’s juggernaut got better!

Agree or disagree with Stephen A. Smith, only two teams’ end-of-season results will determine who will win the big deal!

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