Cléopâtre Darleux, blue locks

Cléopâtre Darleux, 32, has been a goalkeeper for the French handball team since 2008.

In handball, this is called “pastis”. With 40 seconds remaining, France led Serbia 21-19 when Cléopâtre Darleux performed the “that” gesture of the game. Three minutes ago, after the French goalkeeper stopped the ball at 7 meters, he blocked a close-range shot from the opposing winger with one hand.

In the overheated atmosphere of the Granollers Sports Palace (Barcelona province, Spain), an icy breath hits the face. Seconds later, the fortunes of the meeting changed: France reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup. She played against Sweden on Wednesday, December 15, after finishing first in the group against Russia (33-28) on Monday.

This stop is a loop on the social network, as has many Merit signings for Cléopâtre Darleux, whether it’s handball with France or her club Brest-Brittany. “She has that madness that is characteristic of great goalkeepers. Cléo is fun in the field, she loves to perform. And always responds to attendance at big conferences”, Comments on Valérie Nicolas, before her in the cage of the French team (between 1995 and 2008).

Against Sweden, the Habs will need the exploits of their goalkeeper. La Brestoise will face two of the strongest players in the World Championship: with 62 goals in six games, Nathalie Hagman at Nantes is the match’s top scorer, while left-back Jamina Roberts at IK Sävehof, near Gothenburg, is another permanent danger of long-range shooting.

Also, the Scandinavians are advancing revanchism. In the semi-finals of the Tokyo Olympics (OG), France won after a tight game (29-27) after losing in the group stage. Cléopâtre Darleux made a decisive double save less than a minute later.

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Explosive power and perfect reading of the game

It is impossible to win an international handball competition without a great goalkeeper. Fortunately, France has two. Withdrew from the Olympics, Cléopâtre Darleux was retained at the start of the World Cup: coach Olivier Krumbholz made Laura Glauser play more, missing the Olympics with a knee injury.

La Brestoise is able to make a 30-meter laser pass to find a running attacker

Although the height is only 1.75m, “It’s not a big deal for a janitor”, Cleopatra Dale offset its explosiveness, Valerie Nicholas explained. Like a quarterback in American football, Brestovaz is able to make a 30-meter laser pass to find an attacker in a game between two opponents. On Monday, she did it three times against Russia. A feat that requires perfect reading of the game.

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