Club Life – Volleyball: How Castres-Massaguel Finds the Elite

After a high level with the boys in the 1990s, Castres-Massaguel Volleyball decided to reconnect with its glorious past. This time with the girls.

They were on the doorstep of Pro A, finishing second in Pro B in 1999. Two levels lower before the boys at Castres Volleyball Club experienced setbacks and administrative relegation to National 2. The club has changed since then, merging with Les Ecureuils de Massaguel in 2010 to become Castres Massaguel Volleyball Club (CMVB) and has recently set itself the goal of returning to the French elite. with some changes. “We decided to leave with the girls who were in the National 3, asked President Stéphane Cabrol. Because they were closer to Ligue A than the boys and the Tarn lacked a women’s team at the highest level.” Except for Albi Marssac in football (former ASPTT ), the other teams in the division, collectively, did not develop in the first two national leagues.
“I walked into this Cosec de Lameilhé (CMVB room, editor’s note) when I took my son to a baby volleyball game and I said to myself, we have to bring back to life the night of fire we know as spectators, at Pro B , advancing the nostalgic Stéphane Cabrol. Recall the origins of Project Spark. In October 2020, Stéphane Cabrol shared his wish with Pro B’s former Castres smuggler and then CMVB girls coach Erik Arjona. The starting point of an ambitious adventure. “When we came up with our first business plan, some members of the club said we were utopians,” recalls PR manager Frédéric Cormary. And continued: “We have a seven-year vision. The goal is to be in the First Division by the end of this deadline. »

Experience Contribution

The workforce is made up of 100% girls from Castres and surrounding areas, a core component. All that’s left is to add more content to join the National 2. He just lacks size and scoring ability. »
So the former smuggler turned to three former USSPA volleyball players: Laura Wierre (sharp), Emeli Schaffer (sharp) and Mayara Schlindwein (attack). “We want to relive challenges together, like we experienced at Albi (in 2000-2010 with Ligue 1 and the European Cup). The most important thing is to decide when we stop because Covid has put us at the end of the day. The seasons have been shortened a bit”, Laura Wierre regrets. If Mayara Schlindwein can’t line up this season and should be part of the next drill, the former Albiers bring “their experience”. Blessings to CMVB setter Laure Salvage: “They have great spirits and are educational. Let them soothe us and let us play free. »

Thirty partners

The resulting lightness of translation. Castres-Massaguel is the leader of its N3 group (one loss in twelve matches). Only the top chickens go straight to N2 and will compete for the championship in Final 8 in May. To ensure the development of the club, and in the case of the rise, at a higher level, “we are approaching local or external partners”, says Stéphane Cabrol. There are currently about 30 partners and our idea is to triple that number. If seeking support remains essential, the CMVB will not forget to gain some sustainability by training future players. An agreement has been signed with Jean-Monnet Academy in Castres and the Cabrol-Arjona-Comary trio hope to do the same with Borde Basset High School and the Castres IUT. The road was still long and foggy before reaching the top. But with a tailwind, the horizon will soon clear.

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