Defending champions France knocked out after loss to Denmark

KO! The French women’s team was eliminated in the preliminaries of the World Handball Championship, losing to Denmark (20-18). Les Bleues had to win or at least a draw to qualify for the main round, but couldn’t escape defeat. The Danes, carried by their insurmountable goalkeeper Sandra Toft, will join South Korea and Germany in the next round. France will play in the Presidents Cup, finishing as many as 13th at the World Cup.

Out of breath and nervous for 60 minutes! In Mano Mano, who finally got a ticket to go on to the World Cup, France gnashed their teeth on the Danish wall (20-18). Title-holder France has been eliminated from the world championships and is fourth in Group B behind South Korea, Germany and Denmark. Les Bleues must now defend his honour by vying for the Presidents Cup to finish in the best 13and the match of.

With a strong goalkeeper, considerable lack of luck and a bewildering attacking game, the planet of handball is definitely not what it has been since this World Cup began for the Blues this Friday. “We hold on till the end, it doesn’t want to.There are days when it doesn’t want it doesn’t want.”,Regret Alison Pino To the microphone of BeIN Sports. invisible but still in money time, Amandine Leno Keep the Blues hopeful, but instead, his opponents Sandra Toft becomes a stop machine. With 10 balls pushed back in the first quarter (finished with over 47% success throughout the game), she continued her feast in the final 30 minutes, whether on the wing, close range or at 9m , makes the French shooter feel sick!There was nothing for the Brest keeper to make this decisive save 17-16 in the closing moments Manon Hout.

Throughout the game, the Blues were never able to take the lead in this decisive game. With a three-goal advantage, the Danes successfully pulled the French back many times, leaving the French girl no chance.Olivier Krumholz Just a small goal ahead. If Toft hadn’t pushed the ball back, his numbers would have wiped out three-color opportunities at his position. “Toft had a great gamenoted, serious tone, Amandine Leno. We missed shots and lacked confidence. There was a wrong rhythm and I was really disappointed to lose that game, I don’t know what to say.

After positive signs of victory over Germany, the Blues backed down. As in the first meeting, they made a handball error and conceded too many goals (10). “we force things“Reacted Olivier Krumbholz at the end of the game. In terms of shots, France wasted too many chances again, finishing with less than 50 percent success, including a brutal 28 percent from distance.”We barely found a solution in the beginning and we rotated with young people who found a solution. It’s a promise for the future.

In fact, Krumbholz believes that his bottle class mainly uses Melino Candy (21 years old), Oceane Sercien-Ugolin (22 years old) and Oran Cano (22 years old). The top two, for their first major international break, were largely responsible for the shot that became France’s main danger.

If the Blues are eliminated, they have also qualified for the Tokyo Olympics and hopefully Japan will do better for them this time. “The French team has the ability to re-mobilize, we have to question ourselves and so does the coach. “,The designated coach has turned to the Olympics. “We have to take advantage of this failure. We had very little time to prepare for the World Cup, we arrived in Japan very early. We will have more time to go to Tokyo.

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