Denmark beats defending Swedish champions in final

Two years after the first world title in its history, Denmark retains its title. The Danes beat their Swedish neighbours after an epic final in Cairo (26-24) on Sunday 31 January 2021.

Covid-19 may be here from 2019 to 2021, but aside from this closed-door final, nothing has changed in the field of planetary handball. Two years after being crowned at home, Denmark did retain its world title in Egypt, the second in its history.

In Cairo, in front of the empty stands coveted by the Scandinavians, the Danes overcame a conquering Sweden throughout the competition, especially in the semi-final against the Blues, which ended with a two-goal lead ( 26-24).

Teammates of the Paris Saint-Germain star Mikel Hansen (7 goals) There were no mistakes in this game, but Egypt was eliminated by penalty kicks in the quarter-finals. The Danes showed their unwavering determination against their brave Scandinavian neighbours this Sunday.

The favourites, Denmark, still took some time out of the Swedes’ grip in a fierce, extremely heated battle. It wasn’t until the 49th minute that one of the two teams took a three-goal lead for the first time in the game.because Jacob Holm Appeared in the second quarter, guiding his team with 4 consecutive goals.

Sweden had a chance to widen the gap early in the game. The only time in the game, the Swede took a two-goal lead at the end of the first quarter (12-10, 25th). But Denmark did not give up, Nikolai Oris (5 goals), used missiles to put the two teams back to back at halftime (13-13, 30th).

At the end of the meeting, all team membersHampus Varney (5 goals) Think they can make Denmark doubt turn things around.didn’t count on the danish goalie Nicholas Landing (15 saves in total), very easily in his cage, ended the Swede’s hopes by dismissing Wanne’s 7m pitch.

Sweden then failed to get back on target (25-23, 58th). Denmark is too strong and nothing can stop them from winning a second world title. The Scandinavian selection is the best team in the world today and eyes are now on the Tokyo Olympics, where it will clinch another title.

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