Denmark does not tremble, Netherlands dominates Hungary to create surprises

While the duel between France and Croatia is a big benchmark for the start of Euro 2022 (the Blues won 22-27), there are four more games on Thursday night. The surprise of the day was the Netherlands’ victory over Hungary (28-31). Denmark, Norway and Sweden easily took their first victories.

Hungary – Netherlands: 28-31

This is a surprise for the start of Euro 2022. Hungary was overthrown by the Netherlands (28-31). More than 20,000 spectators filled the room, and despite the fiery atmosphere, the locals were helpless. Hungary never really managed to impose their rhythm like Mickler or Banhidi who were quickly replaced in the game. The Netherlands didn’t wait long to score and take the lead.

But the Hungarian did not let the Dutch easy, and did not let himself go, trailing only three points at half-time. Led by the unrivaled full-back duo Luc Steins and Kay Smits responsible for the attacking animation, Holland didn’t shudder in the second half. As the Hungarian came back in front almost in money time, but the Magyars missed the extra minutes, thereby depriving the Dutch of their first win.

Denmark – Montenegro: 30-21

Despite the shyness of the meeting with Denmark, the reigning world champion comfortably took his first win (30-21) against Montenegro in this Euro Cup. Mikel Hansen was logically involved in the Danes’ victory, scoring his 1200th international goal in 233 appearances this Thursday night. A logical and expected victory for a team that has presented itself in this competition in a given context, is almost complete. The young Mathias Gidsel (22) also had a good second half, taking the lead further in the closing minutes, but Blanko Vujovic and his team-mates Not unworthy in the confrontation with the experienced Danes.

Norway-Slovakia: 35-25

Despite a good start, Slovakia, also host to Euro 2022, lost to Norway (35-25). The experienced Norwegian failed to show their best on Thursday night and had to work hard to secure their first success of the competition. However, the Norwegian, who has been absent several times due to injury, reassured itself at the end of the game. And left-back Sander Sagosen was very transparent throughout the game. Slovakia, on the other hand, led the game but did not give up like their Slovak right-winger Thomas Urban. But that wasn’t enough to shake the bronze medalist at the 2020 European Championships.

Sweden – Bosnia and Herzegovina: 35-18

Sweden quietly took the victory in Bosnia and Herzegovina (35-18) without real pressure. The loser of the game was able to rely on a near-perfect performance from goalkeeper Peter Johannesson. As a result, the Swede wasted no time in taking a broad scoreboard against unanswered opponents. Bosnia and Herzegovina has entered the fray in the worst possible way, devastated by many Covid cases in its workforce.


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