Denmark wins handball world title again

Beating Sweden in the final, Denmark wins the 2021 World Men’s Handball Championship.The team has already won the last tournament, but this time the game is still tight until the goalkeeper lifts his leg “Inhuman Heights”, Trust this Danish newspaper.

“Always the best in the world”, Top stories from the Danish daily jylland post A day after the Danes beat the Swedes in the handball World Cup final in Cairo, Egypt in January.

It was the Danes’ second consecutive win. As for Sweden, they are considered very strong and remain unbeaten until Sunday 31st January. Sweden beat France 32-26 in the semifinals two days ago.

For most of the finals, “Tactical and rigorous” according to Jutland Post, Neither team could easily distance themselves from the other. Denmark’s big chance came ten minutes before the end of the game:

Niklas Landin (Danish goalkeeper) raised his leg to an inhumane height, in the direction of the ball. After a goalkeeper save, Mads Mensah (left-back) scored to give Denmark a three-goal lead. Since then, the Swedes have been unable to keep up. “

Denmark arrives in Copenhagen on Monday 1Uh In February, but due to Covid-19, the team will not be able to enjoy traditional pancakes, selfies and speeches at Copenhagen City Hall. “LPlayers may not regret the speech, comfort Jutland Post. During the recent celebrations, they were visibly suffering from hangovers and struggled to stay focused or even balance during official speeches. “

For the three players Niklas Landin, Mikkel Hansen and Lasse Svan, please note Jutland Post, It was Denmark’s fourth victory: Euro 2012, Olympics 2016, World Cup 2019, and now World Cup 2021.

It’s historic, but knowing them, they will soon set their sights on their next gold medal opportunity – the Tokyo Olympics, now slated for summer 2021. “


The liberal newspaper was founded in 1871 and is based in Aarhus, but also has a strong presence in Copenhagen.he brags about himself “Danish International Newspaper”, His unintentional achievements while publishing prophet comics


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