Did the French fall into the right NBA team?

While promising, NBA 20-year-old Frenchmen Theo Maledon and Kylian Hayes still have a complicated time with the Thunder and Pistons. Are they stuck with two struggling teams?

Théo Maledon and Killian Hayes, two names that resonate strongly in French basketball. The first name, selected with the 34th overall pick by the 76ers in 2020, had a good run at times last season, with some scoring in scoring, especially when he played against the Suns on April 2. 33 points (his record) in .

Overall, he had a surprising rookie season in the second round (10.1 points, 3.5 assists, 49 starts). A solid fundamentals leader and excellent distributor, some observers were quick to compare him to Tony Parker.

The Rouen native even decided to ignore the last Olympics to better prepare for his NBA season and focus on personal work. But his team, the Thunder, is a young team (with an average age of 23, the youngest in the league) and completely in a rebuilding phase.

not easy. Killian Hayes’ first season really wasn’t easy (6.8 points in 18 starts). He missed 46 games (35 percent) due to a hip injury and a notorious speech weakness.

A fairer game will be crucial to the future of the southpaw, who trains at Shorley.

Reading the first few months of this new exercise, Detroit’s 7th pick in 2020, the “Killer K” (the highest pick in French history), has yet to live up to expectations, although some flashes are seen here. Overall, in Detroit, a three-time NBA champion (1989, 1990, 2004), the bad things continued.

At least our Frenchman might have some playing time in the NBA”

The Michigan team hasn’t won a playoff game since 2008. In the Eastern Conference, the Pistons still can’t find the right gear. They are at the bottom of the rankings. In the west, Oklahoma City isn’t much better:

Detroit is in a really bad cycle. There are bad choices when it comes to recruiting and coaching. It’s pretty classic when you look at NBA teams where it doesn’t work. Detroit is getting closer to teams like Orlando, Sacramento and now Houston.

These are fairly weak teams that can take years to recover. The Thunder aren’t the best either. They follow pretty much the same pattern as the teams I just mentioned. Oklahoma is rebuilding with young people. Again, it takes time to get there.

Sometimes it’s not even…that’s the harsh law of the NBA. Nothing is easy.It takes the right leaders to choose the right players and the right coaches Reminds George Eddy (Canal+). Do Marton and Hayes belong to the right team, given the hardships their respective groups have endured?

Georges Eddy adjusts French season in NBA

“They still risk a little playing time over time, Positive vortex. This is due to weaknesses in the teams they find themselves on. In general, we give young players a lot of playing time in this situation. They are given more freedom to make mistakes.

This is also a necessary step for progress. In the end, they fell well. Because if they were on a stronger team, they might not play at all. At least there they have a place… We look forward to the mountains and wonders from Doumbouya.

He seems to have built a little reputation as a player who wasn’t focused enough. Some even wonder if he won’t be arriving in Europe anytime soon. Hayes is starting to show some qualities. Théo Maledon was still better last year. We must be patient before judging them. “.

In these complex contexts, we can bring nuances. Maledon’s mission still seems less complicated. His starting point is closer than Hayes, who has recently been affected by the new crown epidemic.

And then the Thunder are more dependent on some good talent than Detroit. The arrival of Josh Giddy (the No. 6 pick in the 2021 draft) as a leader to compete with Marlton will further push the former Villepinnais to his limits. and push him forward. to be continued…

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