direct. 2023 rugby world cup draw in france

1:33 pm

Thanks for following us throughout this morning’s draw. Feel free to react on the reserved fate of our blues by 2023. Rest and feedback on LeRugbynistère. Have a good day all!

1:28 pm

Group D favorites will have a tough time against Argentina and Japan. The showdown between these two countries is also likely to be an epic match between powerful Argentines known for their strong defense and Japanese players.

1:25 pm

In Group B, France’s potential future rivals in the quarter, the world champions from South Africa are the favorites. Behind two well-known countries, Scotland and Ireland.

1:23 pm

In Group C, she will face Wales, Australia and Fiji again. These three opponents were already in the same group in 2019. Clashes will break out.

1:22 pm

So France will find New Zealand with whom they are likely to compete for the top spot in the group. It’s really hard to see the Italians in their current situation able to challenge the dominance of both teams. France will also face the best team on the American continent (USA, Canada?), and then the best African team (Namibia?).

1:18 pm

Chicken Summary

1:17 pm

A somewhat permissive pull of the blues who still inherit from blacks…

1:17 pm

South Africa in Group B, Wales in Group C, England in Group D

1:15 pm

New Zealand with France!

1:13 pm

For pot 2: Ireland in group B, Australia in C, Japan in D.

1:10 pm

France is in a very good position at the moment

1:09 pm

Argentina in Group D, Scotland in Group B and Fiji in Group C in relation to the other third-pot teams.

1:08 pm

Italy with France!

1:07 pm

For pot 4, America will be 1 in group A, Asia/Pacific 1 in group B, Europe 1 in group C, and Oceania 1 in group D.

1:04 pm

Europe 2 in Group B, the playoff winner in Group C, and America 2 in Group D

1:02 pm

Africa 1 in France group.

1:01 pm

Jean-Michel Willmott is in the spotlight.

1:00 pm.

France in pool a.

12:59 PM

Dujardin: Rugby is synonymous with courage and brotherhood. I was good in the third half


Honoring the six ambassadors. We can’t wait any longer!


The wait is long, very long, the moment is approaching.

12:53 PM

As a reminder, there are still eight places left to qualify.

12:52 PM

One final point was placed on the teams that qualified for the French World Cup.

12:51 pm

Here we are, after endless waiting, the drawing will begin. finally !


Atcher: “We want to give fans the joy of returning to the stadiums”

12:46 pm

Claude Atcher appears on the set.

12:45 pm

The wait is long, painful moments including losing the final in 2011 by a small point against the Lions. Now we want him here!

12:44 PM

We are now tracking the highlights of the Rugby World Cup Finals.

12:43 pm

Bill Beaumont speaks in turn from a distance.

12:42 PM

The president finished his speech.

12:41 PM

“I’m going to Marcuse. Every twelve years we reach the final. In 2023 it will be 12 years. Now take it back!” Emmanuel Macron addresses words of encouragement to the Blues.


Macron “I would like to think of Domenici. But also Gerard Houllier.”


It’s just minutes.


“We will share moments of celebration, moments of welcome outside of sport.” Emmanuel Macron speaks.

12:35 pm

Emmanuel Macron “We have this knowledge, we are a country that loves rugby. We have already organized two World Cups. In these difficult times, I have an idea of ​​amateur and professional sport.”

12:33 PM

Emmanuel Macron is here.

12:32 PM

Beautiful people.

12:30 pm.

we are here. More than a few seconds.


Fabian Galthey talks about the future lottery.


Two minutes before the start. We are no longer there.



Charles Olivon The tricolor captain is also present. Young Roman Ntamak also participates in the game.

12:21 pm

“Besides the first hat, the most important thing is not to draw a big name from the hat 3,” according to Thierry Dusutter. Argentina is a scarecrow in the latter according to the majority of observers. After that comes Fiji.

12:20 pm

10 minutes before the start of the draw. The rugby world has its eyes on Paris

12:19 pm

“Let this sport reach a new level.” Pierre Rabadin hopes that the Rugby World Cup in France will allow new licensees to enter the game of rugby.

12:15 pm

Antoine Dupont shared his impressions.


The raffle will start at 12:30 PM. Just a few more minutes, and feel the excitement. Hope for a positive lottery for our sweatshirt!

11:55 am

Besides France, we should have many tempting encounters. Imagine reshaping England and Australia for the 2019 quarter-finals, or even the South Africa and Japan stage in 2015 for the ‘Brighton Miracle’. Since then, the South Africans also took revenge on the Japanese during the last Japanese World Cup and won the quarter-finals, before being crowned a few days later as the world champion.

11:45 am

Just a few more minutes before the moment of truth. As a reminder, the raffle will begin around 12:15 PM.

11:10 am

Drawing time is fast approaching.

10.40 am

President Emmanuel Macron will also be present for the draw. He will be accompanied by six personalities from the country and from different backgrounds, namely Jean Dujardin, Alice Renavand, Yann Arthus Bertrand, Christian Louboutin, Guy Savoy and Jean-Michel Wilmot.

10.20 am

At the end of the lottery, the 4 groups will consist of 5 teams drawn, one team from each hat in each group.

10.15 am

A simple reminder of the different hats

Level 1: South Africa, New Zealand, England and Wales

Level Two: Ireland, Australia, France, Japan

Level Three: Scotland, Argentina, Fiji, Italy

Level 4: Oceania 1, Europe 1, Americas 1, Asia/Pacific 1

Level 5: Africa 1, Europe 2, America 2, qualifier winner

9:30 am.

The raffle will begin at 12:15pm at Bronniart Palace.

9:05 AM

Scotland, Argentina, Fiji and Italy share the roles in the third hat. If the Squadra Azzura remains the hopeful equalizer for the Blues, Argentina on the other hand will bring back the old Devils, who twice defeated France during the last World Cup on French soil in 2007. Fiji and their impressive three-quarter streak will also be strong opponents.


The Rugbynistère teams are here on this day of the draw and will be on site at the Palais Brongniart to make you enjoy the action from within.


In a few hours, 15th France will know two of its opponents in the 2023 World Cup. Two countries in hat 1 and 3 will be France’s main competitors. Who from New Zealand, England, South Africa or Wales will be in the French group? Depending on the composition of his group, France could fall into the chicken of death.What will be the chicken of death for the fifteenth for France in 2023?What will be the chicken of death for the fifteenth for France in 2023?

But if the rugby gods are with Fabian Galletta’s men, they could take advantage of a more lenient lottery that would open the doors to the Finals unless they were surprised.What will be the dream of the fifteenth chicken for France in 2023?What will be the dream of the fifteenth chicken for France in 2023?

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