Disappointed that France leaves Handball World Cup without medals after beating Spain

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The French team has no medals. The Blues lost to Spain (29-35) in the handball World Cup mini-final this Sunday. As in the last encounter, they were brave but paid a heavy price for their failure to start the game. For his first time in a major tournament, coach Guillaume Gill returned empty-handed from Egypt.

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Chocolate Medallion. It was the only amulet that the Blues brought back from their expedition in Egypt. This French team is too weak and too messy to hope to beat Spain and secure a place on the podium at this World Cup. This mini-final was a summary of what the French team was able to show from the start: personality, some sparkle but too much inaccuracy and a lack of rigor.

man Guillaume GilesStill rebuilding after their Euro 2020 humiliation, they are nonetheless in better shape than they were last year and will leave despite this Olympic year being hopeful.

France absolutely had to learn from the previous game, dominating the half-time against Sweden and being beaten by Hungary in the quarter-finals. This time, the Blues were carried away by the Spaniard from the start.have trouble with Rodrigo Corrales In terms of goals, defensive frenzy and a streak of conceded goals, they were five goals ahead (7-2) from the eighth minute of the game.

After letting the storm pass and restarting the engine, Guillaume Giles Hemostasis Special thanks to eternity michael pug, without succeeding in gaining the upper hand. In the game against Sweden, the French team returned to the locker room with a 16-13 deficit.

Spain is clearly too strong to carry the wall corral with a sibling Duisebayev sparkling. 6 goals Daniel and his junior 8 Alex, let the Iberians fly away in the second half. Tricolores also once depended on their individuality not to sink.but enter Hugo Discart (7 goals) and saves Vincent Gerrard Not enough to counter the widespread domination of Spain, who eventually won 35-29.

“We lack a little guts, a little more desire, madness, Say Kentin Maher To the microphone of beIN Sport at the end of the game. We don’t necessarily believe in ourselves as we did at the beginning of this World Cup. What didn’t work for Sweden tonight was repeated. Spain played tactically better than us, we met the great Corrales who deserved this third place better than us. ” for michael pug : “We lacked a little bit of strength, a little energy to finish this game. It’s hard to come out like this in our brave game.”

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