“Dream of going to the 2024 Olympics with my brother”

Arthur Lenne, who turned pro in 2021, is getting his footing on the MHB team little by little at the age of 20. After being called up to the France squad last October, the young central was able to accompany his big brother in the Blues and live a daydream.

How did the season start?

From a collective point of view, the start of the season has been mixed, between good results in the Champions League and poor performances in the league. From a personal standpoint, this is a good start. I managed to carve a place for myself in this dense workforce. We’re three pivots, and I didn’t expect that much playing time. But I know I still have a lot of work to do. At my age, it’s normal to have blemishes. In Montpellier, we must always work.

Arthur Lenne, 20, has his legs on fire

Especially since this season has already had a call for the Blues…

(he interrupts) For me, it all happened very quickly. I really didn’t expect to be called up to the French team. It’s not always that easy. I manage. Finally, here I am. I am totally involved.

Is it a dream to connect it with your brother Yanis?

This is an ideal situation. Even if it’s a dream. I was in Montpellier, in one of the best clubs in Europe, in a beautiful area, and was called up for selection, all with my brother. This is the ideal scenario, but don’t think it’s easy because the seasons are complicated. We still have a lot of work to do to continue to realize this pipe dream.

When you started your career, did you believe that all of this was possible?

At first, I just wanted to be a professional. This is my first goal. It happened quickly. I came to the training center as a player in 2019. I gave everything to get this contract in Montpellier. When I was still training, I was invited to join the pro group. It goes fast. Now I want to continue to have a place in this group and win games and championships. The French team is a long-term target. I didn’t expect it to happen right away.

“For me, everything happened very fast”

How do you explain that siblings have become habitual of high-level handball?

There are indeed many siblings. We have this opportunity. The Lenne siblings are a long way from whoever came before us. We remember all these brothers who made it together. Even though we are still very humble, it pushes us upwards.

Which of the brothers pushed the other towards Lenn…

(smiles) We push each other. Whether it’s him or me, we all support each other. When he was in the European Championship with France, I fully supported him. If one day I happen to play and he doesn’t, I know he’s my first supporter. I’m disappointed in him because his great competition didn’t pay off. I am sure he will do more and he will have a chance to get a medal.

Did seeing him shine at the Euros make you want to hurry up with him?

It makes you want, but I stay awake. There are a lot of people in front of my post. I keep this in mind. I pretty much got involved in the adventure due to Covid related issues. Unfortunately, I was injured. But I know it can go fast.

Why not host the Paris Olympics in 2024?

All athletes will be considered. We talked about it with my brother. It will be amazing. But since he’s there, that’s great. After me, this is another topic. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing it and supporting it with my family. But I’m working on this opportunity. We will take it step by step.

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