During the storm, Zion Williamson breaks the silence!

Zion Williamson should be talked about for his performance on the court, but it was his attitude that raised questions during his recovery above all.Although his name appeared in many rumors, he decided to break Silent with fans.

early career Zion Williamson Not necessarily to all the hype he left college with. Picked first in the 2019 draft, the young big man should change the face of the Pelicans and make New Orleans a Western Conference stronghold. Unfortunately, Zion didn’t make enough appearances to reach his status as a young superstar.

In fact, the internals are often injured so much that Some no longer hesitate to compare him to Greg Oden, considered one of the greatest defeats in league history. Even more unfortunate is that Zion is brilliant when he’s on the floor, as evidenced by his All-Star selection last season, even though he’s only a sophomore.

Zion Williamson responds to fans on Instagram

Faced with his lengthy recovery period, pundits eventually wonder if Zion really wants to leave the Pelicans to discover new horizons, if possible, in a big market.A rumor reinforced by the player’s very detached attitude that they wouldn’t even Didn’t bother to send a welcome message to his new teammate CJ McCollumIn an effort to calm fans down, Williamson reportedly responded to some in an Instagram group chat.

Zion Williamson: I don’t know why everyone thinks I’m leaving. Anyone who knows me knows that I own the city of New Orleans. I’ll be back soon, when the time is right.

Internet users: How are you, brother? Thank you for answering us, we wish you all the best and we can’t wait to see you on the pitch.

According to the exchange, which Pelicans fans documented on Instagram, Zion Williamson fully intends to stay in Louisiana to continue his young career. So obviously, there’s nothing to prove that this information is true, but if it’s true, that’s something that should reassure leaders. Now it’s up to him to prove his will on the pitch.

Zion Williamson has been appearing more and more on social networks in recent days, no doubt to quell all the rumors about him. If he speaks well to these fans, that should quell the enthusiasm of some pundits.

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