EDF (Male) | Not surprising in the roster of 35

The EHF this morning released the roster of 35 players pre-selected by each federation to qualify for the next men’s European Championship. On the French side, no surprise.

This is the first step in the European Men’s Championships, which will be held in Hungary and Slovakia from January 13th to 31st. Each coach submits a roster of up to 35 players from which he must select 16 players to play before the first game of the main round.

Tricolor coach Guillaume Gille isn’t innovative, as we certainly found the vast majority of last summer’s Olympic champions, with the exception of Michael Giguo and Luke Abalo, who have announced international retirements.Another retiree announced that the Parisian Jan Genti On the list with four other goalkeepers: Vincent Gerrard (Paris), Remy Desbonne (Nîmes), Wesley Paddin (Aix) and Kevin Bonnet Foy (Montpellier).

To the extent of surprise, we note the presence of the left-handed winger from HBC Nantes Baptist Damatlin21 and lefties Benjamin Richter, 23 years old, currently has an ankle injury.Two players currently do not play in Ligue 1 The third player with zero choice on the list: Nantes left-back Thibaut Britt.

The rest of the roster features a number of young recruits who made their Blues debut in the last Golden League in early November. So Arthur Lenne, Julien Bos and Luc Tobie are likely to head to Szeged, along with Karl Konan, Aymeric Minne and O’Brian Nyateu.

The only notable absentee, Nimes left-back Jean Jacques Akveiro, who took a risk at the World Championships last January. Touched the adductor in Montpellier ten days ago and Martinique has been confiscated.

Guillaume Gill will have to choose 16 players to start the game and will benefit from two changes per round during the Euros, drawn from this 35-man roster.

35 pre-selection lists:

goalkeeper: Vincent Gérard (Paris), Wesley Pardin (Aix), Rémi Desbonnet (Nîmes), Kevin Bonnefoi (Montpellier), Yann Genty (Paris)
Left winger: Raphaël Caucheteux (Saint Raphael), Baptiste Damatrin (Nantes), Hugo Descat (Montpellier), Mathieu Grébille (Paris), Dylan Nahi (Kelce)
Left back: Thibaut Britt (Nantes), Carl Conant (Aix), Romain Lagarde (Aix), Timothy Engueisan (Barcelona), Elohim Plandi (Paris)
Half center: Nicolas Claire (Aix), Nikola Karabatic (Paris), Kentin Mahé (Vesprém), Aymeric Minne (Nantes), O’Brian Nyateu (Nîmes)
Right back: Adrien Dipanda (Saint Raphael), Dika Mem (Barcelona), Nédim Rémili (Paris), Melvyn Richardson (Barcelona), Luc Tobie (Nîmes)
Right winger: Julien Bos (Montpellier), Benoit Kounkoud (Paris), Yanis Lenne (Montpellier), Valentin Porte (Montpellier), Benjamin Richert (Chamberg)
Pivot: Ludovic Fabregas (Barcelona), Luka Karabatic (Paris), Arthur Lenne (Montpellier), Theo Monar (Nantes), Nicolas Tournat (Kelce)

Kevin Domas

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