Elite J21: Limoges CSP sinks Strasbourg and confirms renewal

Limoges CSP got their revenge against Strasbourg this Saturday night at Beaublanc. Massimo Cancellieri’s men won 89-62 in an all-out game after Alsace’s 31-point first-leg loss. Not enough to reclaim a specific scoring average, but it’s an essential win in an elite basketball tournament playoff game.

Meeting: Limoges dominated for 39 minutes

CSP was in the lead from start to finish except for a 1st-minute error that forced the coach to take a blistering 1st timeout. With consistent aggression and good game alternation, the Limouugeauds took off quickly. A 17-point lead at halftime and a 20-point lead at the end of the third quarter. With the Harper and Massingburgh locomotives, CSP can even recover specific average points. But the main thing is elsewhere. A second straight playoff win over another direct competitor after Pau clearly restarted Limoges’ run in the top 8 with a single win on the night behind his rivals, who 6th in the standings.

In-form players: Marcinburg and Harper are back!

If the CSP suffers while its two sets are inside, Limoges will discover both the color of its leader and the master craftsman. Dermot Harper led the game perfectly, scoring 19 points (22 ratings) in just 17 minutes. Playing time is limited due to fouls. At Massimburg (24 points, 4 assists, and 23 ratings), he’s still a true walking firecracker, just as his spectacular dunk ignites Bo Blank (see below).

No days: Ingus Jakovics has no address

In the game, there is not much to say. Without grooming, in service to the collective, we cannot blame him. It’s just missing a long distance address (0 out of 3). In a game like this, it’s absolutely irrelevant.

Stats: CSPs are rated 106 to 61

Limogord’s dominance is more evident than a tirade, a collective assessment of both teams. 106 to 61 in favor of Limoges. This says a lot. With 19 assists on 14 possessions and a nearly 60 percent shooting percentage overall, the Limouugeauds have all the ingredients for capital success against SIG.

Statement: “We proved to ourselves that we can play against a good team”

Nicholas Lang, Captain of Limoges:”We approached the game perfectly and executed it. Our defense was excellent compared to their players tonight. We plan to be aggressive in everything. The leaders did a great job, but so did the bigwigs. After that we were able to run and score baskets. Even in the second quarter when we barely scored in the 5th minute, the players coming off the bench were very active. Everyone plays their role.really good“.

Limoges coach Massimo Cancelleri:What we did with Pau, we do it again today. The team came out with a lot of energy. We played great defense and we tried to run and attack their different defenses. When the team is concentrated, we can play the team like this. The problem is when we are not as concentrated as Strasbourg. I have to praise the team.We proved to ourselves that we can play against a good team“.

BTW: CJ Massinburg’s Mammoth Dunk

He hasn’t gotten us used to it yet. Nor is it his partner. On Saturday night, CJ Massinburg excited Beaublanc with an immortal dunk. Symbolizes the great energy and overflowing desire of the Limouugeauds for Strasbourg. This action is sure to be the highlight of Day 21.

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