Embiid and Doncic split after Real Madrid vs. Paris Saint-Germain!

It was an earthquake: after a 150-minute double duel with Real Madrid, the Parisians were devastated and were leaving the Champions League through the back door. Enough to make Joel Embiid and Luka Doncic react, two crazy football fans in front of the screen.

After Barcelona and Manchester, it will now be Madrid. Paris Saint-Germain stumbled in the Champions League for the third time in five years, leading to their irreversible fall. Mauricio Pochettino’s men did offer Real Madrid Karim Benzema’s qualification in graceful form after a first-leg victory at the Santiago Bernabeu to take control of the first half.

A game was reversed in less than a quarter of an hour, with a frantic scene that shocked Madrid supporter Joel Embiid from the first hour. Unsurprisingly, the Cameroonian was downright furious in a viral tweet after KB9’s third goal outside the foot:

Embiid and Doncic go wild after Real DeBenzema’s wild qualification

In addition to qualifying for his favorite club, the 76ers pivot has rubbed shoulders with Kylian Mbappe.Because for him, that’s for sure: the French prodigy will join the Armada next year by signing for Real Madrid meringue :

Mbappe is the best player in the world and I can’t believe we will get him next year. life is Beautiful! ! !

It’s amazing, I’m still in shock. What a victory! ! UEFA thought they could punish Real Madrid for the Chinese Super League and they lost.

beside him, Luka Doncic Also watched the game with great interest, he was a member of Real Madrid before flying to the NBA. For the Slovenians, the victory was a huge relief:

The NBA community has come to par with Paris Saint-Germain by finding the most “choked” teams. There are also anthologies, can be found hereit hurts…

The incredible scene of this Champions League knockout comeback crossed the Atlantic and even angered some NBA players. For Paris Saint-Germain, the situation is brutal, but it is these moments that we love sport.

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